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Mariah Carey - Caution

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by man.tis.shrimp, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Which section
  2. I’m going to London 25th. Paid silly money for good seats but I’ve been dying to see Mariah forever and never had the chance so gotta go. Plus can’t wait to hear some of the new album in a live setting.
  3. Would love to attend her show but I can’t get anyone to come with me. Guess that’s what I deserve for playfully shading her by showing my friends her recent attempts at choreography. Karma’s such a bitch.
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  4. "A No No" remix is supposed to come out Valentine's Day, according to someone reliable on Twitter.
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  5. I thought the first five rows were meant to be exclusive to packages? I got a seat in the fifth row for the highest price band in Dublin (€89.50) so I'm feeling very joannethescammer.gif
  6. It's 77 euros for the front floor block which is basically as cheap as any arena show you'll ever see for a big name act, I'm quite shook at the prices in Europe versus London.
  7. My picture disc and cassette have arrived intact and no customs charge!

    My Caution collection is complete.
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  8. Pray for me.
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  9. Bet that's a relief!
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  10. I wonder how abysmal the ticket sales in Germany are. They are doing this thing on ticket sites where they pretend whole blocks are sold out but in others there is basically not one ticket sold, while all of them were available when the sale started.

    I feel like it’s a common tactic now to make events sell better and not make people think „oh no one is buying so hey let’s wait last minute to snatch some good seats for a fyre blowjob“
  11. I’m wondering the same about her Dublin date. I find it hard to believe that she’s already sold out 17 sections of the arena.
  12. My friend, who told me about the Butterfly picture disc last year, has texted me the ‘A No No’ remix is coming tommorow.

    Did anybody else hear this news too?
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  13. If it’s coming then hell yes especially with who we think is involved.
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  14. Oh god I need it
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  15. Wait is it finally actually happening??? Help.
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  16. Will you be my valentine?

    I said A NO NO

  17. Please be true and please smash. Queen deserves it.
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  18. I've never wanted anything more in my life, I'm speaking this into existence

  19. I'd almost given up on this remix happening. Oh how I have sinned for doing that.
  20. Yeah, well the video.
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