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Mariah Carey - Caution

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by man.tis.shrimp, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I like that it seems she's adapting her studio vocals to suit what she can do live now. Her voice is just so rich and timeless. There will never be another Mimi.
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  2. I know it's not right for her and more than that, it probably wouldn't happen... but I'm so curious to hear what a pure pop Mariah album would sound like these days. A couple of tracks produced by Max Martin would be intriguing (you know, when he's Dangerous Woman good, not Witness bad).
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  3. "With You" sounds lovely. Bring on midnight.
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  4. Indeed, it's a style she seems very well suited and happy to and the extra confidence is coming across so well as a result.
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  5. What time is this dropping UK time?
  6. Wait... this is coming today/tonight? Fuck yes!
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  7. 5am!
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  8. What a lovely surprise! Soundtrack my journey to what's bound to be quite a shit meeting, Queen.
  9. Don’t do a @Sam de Jour hook up like that.
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  10. excuse you
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  11. Max Martin does vocal production and writes melodies. Mariah has those bases covered.
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  12. Chained to the Rhythm, Roulette, Witness, and Bon Appétit are all good though?
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  13. Mariah on Bon Appétit would be something.
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  14. I’m late to her listening party.
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  15. I'm moist, give us deets please!
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  16. Album reminds me of TEOM. The song with a famous sample and famous 90s rappers (see Twitter) is like SIO on steroids — really uptempo, bigger vox, sounds like a huge hit. I love “With You.” “Portr***s (of my life)” sounds like “Camoflauge” if it were on Butterfly. She confirmed date.
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  17. ”With You” is my fav MC beat ballad since WBT btw. Mustard on the beat ho. Crowd loved it.
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  18. Yay! I know we share a love for Circles, so this is very exciting news!
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  19. Anything that's reminiscent of Stay the Night? I'm so ready for this album!
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