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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. 1.When I Saw You
    2.Whenever You Call with Brian McKnight
    3.Say Somethin'
    4.One Sweet Day
    5.Always Be My Baby
    7.Bringin' On The Heartbreak
    9. Make It Happen
    10.We Belong Together

    HON MENTION: My All.
  2. 10. Touch My Body
    9. Emotions
    8. Honey
    7. Through The Rain
    6. Bringin' On The Heartbreak
    5. One Sweet Day
    4. Always Be My Baby
    3. It's Like That
    2. Fantasy
    1. Heartbreaker
  3. 1. We Belong Together
    2. Anytime You Need A Friend
    3. Stay The Night
    4. Sprung (yes, i like it!)
    5. Fly Like A Bird
    6. Touch My Body
    7. Dreamlover
    8. Honey
    9. Heartbreaker
    10. Underneath The Stars
  4. Ooh tough one.

    1) Bringing On The Heartbreak
    2) We Belong Together
    3) Honey
    4) The Roof
    5) Fly Like A Bird
    6) Vision Of Love
    7) Fantasy
    8) Heartbreaker
    9) Petals
    10) I still Believe
  5. Difficult. Obviously not including anything from E=MC2 cos I need to see how long they last before including them:

    1. Can't take that away
    2. Through the rain
    3. Hero
    4. We belong together
    5. One sweet day
    6. Bringin on the heartbreak
    7. I don't wanna cry
    8. Love takes time
    9. Lead the way
    10. Close my eyes

    I think!
  6. Ooh! I forgot about "Dreamlover." Swap that out with "Bringin' On The Heartbreak," which is indeed one of her top tunes, but I didn't want to include since it's originally a Def Leppard tune...

    (Not that Def Leppard aren't brilliant, because they are)
  7. Aamyko

    Aamyko Guest

    Great topic!!! Kinda jealous I didn't start it.. hehehe
    quite a difficult one but I had to write down a list of top 10 mariah ballads and top 10 mariah Dancy tunes and this is what I came up with....

    Top 10 Ballads

    1. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
    2. Lead The Way
    3. Vanishing
    4. All I've Ever Wanted
    5. Beautiful Ones
    6. When I Saw You.
    7. Reflections.
    8. Do You Think Of Me?
    9. Alone In Love
    10.If It's Over

    Top 10 Dancy Mariah Tunes

    1. Dreamlover (Def club mix)
    2. Loverboy
    3. Fantasy
    4. Now That I Know
    5. Heartbreaker
    6. It's Like That
    7. Sweetheart
    8. Boy (I Need You)
    9. Shake It Off

    Wow that was really tuff!!!
  8. 1.Touch My Body
    2.Boy (I Need You)
    5.Always Be My Baby
    6.One Sweet Day
    9.My All
  9. 01. Hero
    02. Dreamlover
    03. We Belong Together
    04. Honey / Honey (Bad Boy Remix) feat. Ma$e & The LOX
    05. Vision of Love
    06. Fantasy / Fantasy (Bad Boy Remix) feat. ODB
    07. Heartbreaker feat. Jay-Z / Heartbreaker (Remix) feat. Missy Elliott & & Da Brat
    08. It's Like That
    09. One Sweet Day with Boyz II Men
    10. Don't Forget About Us

    Like Daz, I've purposely not included songs from E=MC^2. For choices 4, 6 and 7 I guess it is kind of cheating by including their "Hip Hop Remix" alongside the original pop mix, but I think it is fair to say those versions are just as good as their respective originals, especially in the case of Fantasy..

    Gotta say I'm really surprised to see "Sweetheart", "Boy (I Need You)" and "Loverboy" getting mentions. I think those three are mediocre to say the least!
  10. 01. Fantasy
    02. Always Be My Baby
    03. Anytime You Need A Friend
    04. Vanishing
    05. Forever
    06. Heartbreaker (MissyMix)
    07. We Belong Together
    08. Underneathe The Stars
    09. My All (Morales Edit)
    10. Honey
  11. Oh this one is a hard one guys & ladies.

    1. MAKE IT HAPPEN (Emotions)
    2. THE ROOF (Butterfly)
    3. CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY (Mariah's Theme) (Rainbow)
    4. WANT YOU (With Eric Benet) (Glitter)
    5. MUSIC BOX (Music Box)
    6. LULLABY (Charmbracelet)
    7. MY ALL (Butterfly)
    8. FLY LIKE A BIRD (Emancipation of Mimi)
    10. STAY THE NIGHT (Emancipation of Mimi)

    My fav album is still Music Box, although Mimi is very close behind that one, my least fav album even though its not terrible is Rainbow.
  12. 1. Anytime You Need A Friend
    2. Always Be My Baby
    3. Heartbreaker (Remix)
    4. Love Takes Time
    5. Don't Stop
    6. Through The Rain
    7. We Belong Together
    8. Shake It Off
    9. Hero
    10. My All (Morales Remix)

    -I love Without You & Bringing On The Heartbreak too
  13. moorje

    moorje Guest

    1) All I Want For Christmas Is You
    2) Fantasy
    3) Heartbreaker (Missy Elliot remix)
    4) Loverboy
    5) I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
    6) It's Like That
    7) Underneath The Stars
    8) Boy (I Need You)
    9) Make It Happen
    10) Honey
  14. I thought I was one of the few people who liked Loverboy, guess I was very wrong!

    Top 10 is not enough tho cos there are so many great songs I am still not even sure my top 10 is right as it changes all the time :)
  15. Rainbow used to be my fave album of hers. Then I actually listened to all the albums properly and realised how shit in comparison it is. My fave albums are 'Music box' and 'Charmbracelet'. I'm sure E=MC2 will also become a fave of mine!
  16. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Make It Happen
    Get Your Number
    Now That I Know
    Dreamlover Morales Mix
    I Know What You Want
    Bringin' On The Heartache
    I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
  17. I don't know what it is about Rainbow I don't like, it does have some great songs on but it seemed to be the start of her vocal decline where she did a lot of that whisper, moan, talk, screach instead of singing she did on the albums before and also they awful look she went for with that album.

    Butterfly was a million miles away from say Emotions in terms of how much flesh she show and stuff but then Rainbow was like a sort of hooker look which put me off that album in general. I would say for me its her weakest album, I prefer Glitter & Charmbracelet with the latter one even though her vocals were a little annoying the lyrics were some of the best she ever written.
  18. Vasilios I'd TOTALLY forgotten about I Know What You Want.

    That tune is getting on my iPod as soon as I find it!
  19. 'Rainbow' was too rushed. She admitted it herself. While it has some of the greatest songs she's ever recorded like 'Can't take that away' and 'Petals' it also has a lot of shit like 'Bliss'. Far too much filler.
    'Charmbracelet' is probably her worst album vocally but it redeems itself by being amazing lyrically!
  20. 1. Christmas 2. My all Morales 3. One Sweet Day 4. Always be 5. Vision of Love (will work on the rest) FORGOT "I Know what you want"! Love it!
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