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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. The Blood Orange song was the best thing on Caution so I'm 100% about this idea.
  2. Well, it’s not too off brand for Mariah, since her home genre is R&B. It’s just to get her bit out of her comfort zone since it’s Alternative R&B, but she’s collaborated with such artists before like Miguel and Blood Orange (and Giving Me Life was amazing). But, I would like to hear her work with the girls for a change.

    If you mean it’ll make her look trend hoppy or dependent on the new girls for a “hit”, I don’t think 1) It should matter much if it’s good, like you said 2) It wouldn’t get that stigma because they’re not exactly as popular as, say Ariana. So it’ll be mostly seen an artistic choice.
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  3. I could see Mariah approaching someone like Ella Mai for a back up kinda feature.
  4. I bought the reissue vinyl of the debut yesterday and was just playing it now. It sounds incredible, her vocals are shining through and the layers!
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  5. No I didn’t mean it would be trend hoppy. I meant that it would need to be really well made to work and not feel tacky.

    Mariah barely worked with younger female artists before Ariana. It would be a change. But just me - I‘d prefer her to chose exciting producers instead of features.
  6. Chloe Bailey, Lil Ju, John Carroll Kirby, Cardiak and MNEK to produce MC16
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  7. Wrote A Song About You is the most Mariah song I ever heard not written by Mariah herself.
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  8. Truly, it would have been an incredible MC or Janet song.
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  9. It’s a crime that we don’t have more from this shoot.
  10. Ddd I thought this was from Mariah’s account at first and almost spat out my coffee seeing the #skinnylegend hashtag
  11. The Vinyl Me Please trio bundle is said to be sold out at their website now.
  12. Happy New Year!

  13. I will never, ever, EVER tire of how gloriously camp and ridiculous this song/video/experience is.
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  14. Mariah could go back to #1 in UK tmrw but it is very close, she is currently 87 sales ahead of #2!!
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  15. Does anybody really know the words? *giggles*
    Might as well sing along *giggles*

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  16. It's forever amazing. In every way.
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  17. This is the only version of this song my ears hear, regardless of the version being played. Ha powa!

    Also I've been listening to Caution again this week and I'm still completely stunned! She did that! We really don't deserve her excellence, her drive, her intelligence, her talent... But she gives it to us anyway and that's something to celebrate. Cheers dahhhlings! Happy New Year lambily.
  18. Her version of Auld Layne's Aye, is the only one that truly matters!
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  19. Happy New Year Lambies! This year was shit but Mariah grabbed it by the balls and made it her year. She gave so much joy in these miserable times!
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