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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Sadly they all look like this, not just the UO one. The title is also meant to span the same length of the horizontal lines, not just be randomly shorter...
  2. (another graphic design rant but) whenever I sent anything that's more than 100 copies to get printed (even silly stuff like food menus) I always include a print out or a png of how the printed item should look so that they guys there have a guide, do record labels not do this? I'm guessing someone who isn't a Lamb would never notice but still. Be a lil careful.
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  3. I Still Believe is an underrated jam in her discography. I love Raspriah.
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  4. I honestly just don't know how something like this happens, obviously the artwork was recreated for this pressing and it looks like the graphic designer must have dropped the various elements on the cover and be like 'I'll sort this out later' and idk they went on and did the back and just forgot about the front? It doesn't make sense otherwise, why would they purposely position the text like that?
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  5. Either that or sometimes a file appears great on one computer and then when opened in another fonts can sometimes cause issues - I think it's what happened here. This is why I always only send pdf files to be printed with the fonts curved.
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  6. Song's great, music videos are great, remixes are great. Just a highlight all round.
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  7. One of her most underrated remixes!

  8. Yep! She really is the best at remixes.
  9. Director? Wow!
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  10. So I just got my Mariah vinyls delivered: Emancipation, Daydream, Emotions and Butterfly!!

    I was disappointed to know that there isn't a voucher with the possibility to download Emancipation on mp3, I would've hoped to have the bonus songs on my computer. Any possibility of them being released to streaming in the near future? The cover has the mistake with the placing of her name, but the sound seems good so far! (only had the time to play one side).

    Regarding Butterfly, I just now noticed that it's a single disc?? Does this affect the quality considering the albums length? I've read some mixed results on discogs, hopefully my copy ends up sounding great.

    Thinking about whether or not I should order the debut even though I have an used copy I bought online. It's one of my favorites so it would be nice to have it remastered.
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  11. The Ultra Platinum Edition is on Spotify (in the UK at least) but because of the way they arrange the albums on her page you have to search for The Emancipation of Mimi rather than Mariah. Does the embed below work for you?

  12. That version is available for me too!! But the vinyl edition also has Sprung and Secret Love in addition to those bonus I was referring to those.
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  13. Butterfly sounds good to me, it does feel like a bit of a squeeze though as it is quite a long album.
    The debut reissue is really nice so if you want a nice clean remastered version I’d say go for it.
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  14. I'm having my first listen now and Honey sounds gorgeous!! The vocals sound especially clean! None of the sound issues I read about on Discogs...don't know if it's because I just ordered the black variants (don't really care for the colored exclusive variants).
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  15. Imagine having both Mariah and Madonna biopics in the near future. Self-directed, at that.
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  16. Ah. That embed had Sprung so maybe that song is UK only. Secret Love is on the Get Your Number/Shake it Off single if that's available to you.
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  17. The first thing I noticed was how crystal clear Honey sounds.
    I got black too to replace the picture disc. I’ve learned people mostly go to Discogs to review when they’ve got a bad pressing, it could be from a bad batch or a one off, or their turntable, however some pressings can be overall pretty bad. I’m always relieved when I’m expecting something to sound bad because of what I’ve read on Discogs to then find it sounds great!
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  18. I think both are regional bonus songs, so I hoped the vinyl would help me get around that haha!
  19. Sorry for double posting but I notice that maybe it seems to be the ballads who "suffer" the most from Butterfly being pressed on a single disc being a bit on the quiet side. Still the sound quality is really great, and doesn't seem to be anything with the pressing. The Roof sounds absolutely perfect on vinyl!
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  20. Got the vinyls to frame not play (no vinyl player), but good to hear about the sound quality.
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