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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I just received an email from Urban Outfitters that all orders of the Emancipation vinyl will be clear and not gold. They offered a 15% discount and a link to start the return process if needed. Very frustrating now that Mariah’s store is out of stock.
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  2. Trying not to get frustrated about the Urban Outfitters mix up, but after seeing how much the gold version is now going for on eBay, it just feels like slap in the face? I went for the gold version because the colour fits the album more than the clear, which is still available on Sound of Vinyl UK, even the black version fits the album better than clear! What a mess.
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  3. I went with the black variant and honestly it fits the cover just fine.
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  4. I’m so fucking mad and 15% isn’t enough.
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  5. I think someone pointed out that you can't even use the code on vinyl.
    They will be receiving several Karen'd emails from me until they offer a better promotional code - and even then it won't be enough.
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  6. This is really pretty.
  7. Another Gold certification in UK this week as "One Sweet Day" passed 400,00 sales that takes her certified sales to a total of 13.7 million.
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  8. The Rarities 4 LP vinyl set arrived yesterday, with no customs charge (!!) a nice surprise.
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  9. I paid 12 Euro which was less than I feared.

    Well worth it anyway. Not only is the material outstanding it is also such a nice package. A beauty and exactly what this release deserved.
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  10. The "Rarities" vinyl package is gorgeous. I just wish I liked the album more to actually want to buy it. *ducks*
  11. The fact that a niche release like this not only got physical releases but a vinyl one too is what makes it special, no matter the quality. But the album is really good too? As I said when it was first out it sounds like a collection of regional bonus tracks we never knew. It's a great MC capsule.
  12. (Also it'll probably skyrocket in rarity pretty soon no?)
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  13. It’s got rare written all over it. Only available from her US store, high price, not really advertised beyond a couple of posts, basically for the fans.
    I wonder how many were pressed? It really is beautiful, the vinyl feels like the ultimate edition and I don’t dare open it (I will).
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  14. I'd snap up a Rarities-only LP in a heartbeat (sorry Tokyo Dome!).
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  15. I can’t be really mad at Urban Outfitters today since this arrived earlier. The Butterfly disc is so pretty I could cry.


  16. Looks gorgeous! Interesting though that Rainbow is a double LP when both albums have the same length.
  17. Lucky you getting the purple version of Rainbow! I personally liked this variant the most.
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  18. Just realised that the US red pressing of Merry Christmas II You is translucent, meaning the opaque red for Europe must have been a really small (<500) pressing just for TheSoundOfVinyl and her UK store.

    I wonder whether the 4 Universal albums yet to come will be the same, with colour differences between the European and US pressings?
  19. Absolutely beautiful.
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  20. They both look gorgeous. I think the album cover and art direction is the best thing about Rainbow.
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