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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. That fabric butterfly photo should have been an alt cover.
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  2. The album covers, really come to life on vinyl.
  3. Currently playing this modern day Mimi masterpiece:

    A follow up this year pretty please.
  4. Mariah’s featured on Questlove’s podcast. The first of two parts is available tonight at midnight EST:

  5. Wait, I feel like I'm missing something. What's wrong with the Mimi cover?
  6. It’s the title and her name being off-centre making a space on the right side randomly.

    Original cover:

    New pressing:
  7. My poor OCD now that I see it. I'm glad I own an OG copy now!
  8. Never noticed that until now on the new LP pressing!
  9. Not Mariah saying she wasn’t happy with Caution... that really shocks me!

    Good to know she’s working on her next record, though.
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  10. Caution is amazing. Sorry Mariah.
  11. What? That's worrying news because I am scared she tries to move away from that very gorgeous style she showcased here. I trust her enough to not produce a disaster next but still I was hoping that Caution would also be a blueprint for future releases.

    Don't have the time to listen now. Did she elaborate on that?
  12. Guys she wasn't happy because it didn't sell as much as she wanted. Classic diva move.
  13. I would be unhappy that The Distance wasn't a single and a cute little hit within its possibilities.
  14. She said she wasn’t happy with her vocals in particularly and said she would have liked to record more. She also didn’t like the idea of instant gratification tracks - she wanted to just drop a single and then the album but alas, that wasn’t allowed.
  15. LPT


    I know it's the done thing but I hate buzz/instant grat tracks. Especially when a record is quite short as it is. Surely the artist wants you to consume the record as a body of work as intended. I know there is a lot of disagreement on the forum about this point but I like to wait until the whole record is released and lose myself in the world that the artist has created and will only listen to the singles before release.
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  16. I’m really shocked at her being so pressed by the idea of instant grats but I suppose it makes sense after having nearly 30 years of releasing only singles prior to albums and having each song be their own moment rather than a throw away iTunes/streaming release.
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  17. Sounds like she’s taking a very different approach with the next album. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was dropped out of nowhere without even a single. She’s saying she wants the record release to be an experience for her fans and nothing like the typical rollout we have nowadays with loads of instant tracks and months of preorders.
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  18. LPT


    Reminds me of what we were expecting for Elusive Chanteuse.
  19. I can see where she’s coming from with not being happy with the instant-grat approach to releasing an album. She’s been in the game for 30 years now and probably would rather people experience her album as a whole instead of cherry picking. I’m sure she isn’t alone in feeling like the streaming model is sullying the album experience.
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  20. I really enjoyed the focus and shorter length of Caution so I wish that's not what she had a problem with.
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