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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. (When) I Feel It would be the perfect addition to Emancipation and would bump it up to an 11 for me. I always thought Joyride was a bit too similar to her 90s work/Charmbracelet whereas I Feel It has that perfect warm, throwback sound the rest of the album is going for. It truly is criminal the writers didn't allow it and I hope they regret the lost royalties from the biggest selling album of 2005. I pray it appears somewhere officially.
  2. Yeah, I agree that (When) I Feel It being that song in the sense that it would be one of the best songs on the album if released. If she somehow got the clearance to release it that would be a perfect addition to a new anniversary addition. But yeah, I won't get my hopes up. But I still love Joyride!! It's beautiful, I love the nod to the 90's.

    If I could dream at least I would want these songs released worldwide on streaming:
    (When) I Feel It
    Secret Love
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  3. Didn't she say that #MC30 would continue in 2021 ? Any news ?
  4. When I Feel It is trash and I’ve never known why people go on about it so much. I’m so glad Joyride replaced it because it’s immaculate.
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  5. (When) I Feel It is definitely worthy of a spot on the album but it would've been towards the lower end of my ranking. Joy Ride on the other hand is one of the highlights.
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  6. I don’t care that much about either of the songs.

  7. Why do so many people refer to ‘Runway’ as ‘Runaway’ ?

    I swear I’ve seen more people call it Runaway than its actual title.
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  8. No idea, but I certainly hope so!!
  9. I'd love for MC30 to give us some more (the Chick album!) but I also hope this anniversary era is quickly wrapped. Having listened to the podcast, she seems to be very aware of the good state of her voice right now so I'd be surprised if she didn't take this opportunity to make a new record, hopefully in her own terms this time? However I don't see her slowing down the Christmas machine anytime soon, so I wouldn't be surprised if the next album era isn't kicked off until Spring 2022.
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  10. I'm hopeful for some more concert footage to be released.
  11. That would be most welcome also.
  12. I'm pretty sure that she's working on new material so she can use good condition on her voice. MC30 will probably give us more remixes, maybe Chick album, and maybe few more "rarities" from the vault and she can still do her own thing in the meantime.

    But I also have the feeling that we should expect new album after christmas 2021.
  13. A new non Christmas album from Mariah, can't come quick enough.
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  14. I can't stop loving her discography. Even the albums that doesn't connect with me on the same level as my top 6 with her every album has so many wonderful gems. MC30 has been one of my favorite pop campaigns ever. She really blessed us.
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  15. 'Me... I Am Mariah' is a much stronger album when you remove Cry and Camouflage.

    The run of songs from 'Dedicated' to 'You Don't Know What To Do' is such an enjoyable listen.
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  16. I've been listening to so much Mariah and Janet lately. I really long for a collaboration between these two.
  17. But Cry and Camouflage are both essential to the album experience!!
  18. MC30 continues on Friday with Charmbracelet era so Glitter is being skipped as predicted but hopefully will do something for 20 year anniversary later in year!!

    The videos have been remastered in HD

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  19. That remaster of Boy is not great but the rest look fine
  20. Here’s hoping her store ships the remaining vinyl release this week, I’m so excited to complete my Mariah collection.

    Also, didn’t she release Caution in November 2018, then switch to Christmas Mariah in December and resume promoting Caution in January? Releasing a new album would be the ultimate way to finish the MC30 celebrations.
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