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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I'm so excited for the remix EPs to continue if they're as comprehensive as most of the previous ones have been - the Charmbracelet singles in particular had dozens of promo mixes.
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  2. I was really sure about getting a new album this year but after those comments about not wanting to rush, as well as the lack of any teasing of the new material, I kind of don't see it happening.
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  3. This guy has confirmed his remix of The One is coming
  4. I’m the same, I don’t want her to rush anything, but I’m sure it’ll be great whatever she’s working on. Plus I’m feeling fed on everything she’s been giving us since the MC30 celebrations began.
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  5. Yeah I never liked Camouflage or Cry to be honest, they’re fine.... but Cry is such an underwhelming opening and well Camouflage is just boring.
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  6. Cry is kinda bland for her standards, but Camouflage is great.

    It did take me a long time to realise that though, I'll admit. Listening with headphones was what did it for me, both the instrumental & vocal production of the entire album are gorgeous.
  7. That probably means the So So Def remix of The One is coming back to Spotify too!
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  8. The Lambs really ought to organise an iTunes campaign for this.
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  9. Why are y'all denigrating "Cry," sit down.
  10. Exactly, Cry is one of her best openers!!! It's such a melodramatic and heartfelt ballad, I love it.
  11. Cry. throws you off balance at the very start of the album. It's actually one of the first times she's allowed herself to use vocal cracks to show vulnerability. The emotion is raw in this one.
  12. Excited for Charmbracelet celebrations this week. Lately this album has sneakily become one of my very favourite Mariah albums. Such an underrated gem.
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  13. Here, here. This album needs way more love than it gets.
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  14. So glad to hear that they’re going to continue with uploading remixes! It’s a shame they’ve skipped Glitter, but I guess we’re getting the songs for the 20th anniversary.
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  15. Yes, here's hoping!
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  16. I can’t wait for the inevitable 20th anniversary Glitter vinyl. Hopefully we’ll get a gorgeous pink glittery variant.
  17. Charmbracelet getting remix EPs could legit make me cry. I've waited so long!

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  18. This is a must.
  19. She finally acknowledged it and seems more okay with everything around it. It would just be absurd to not have it out when you just remastered and released the rest of your complete discography.

    It has to come and I am happy to shell a big bucks for a special packaging.
  20. A glittery pink vinyl has me drooling.
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