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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Love this album, those singles, these various remixes. Thank god #MC30 Fridays are back.
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  2. Gotta get my hands on that mix of Bringing On The Heartbreak that turned up the drama and rock n rollery.
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  3. So many remixes it's overwhelming but so far it's the Global Soul mix standing out for me, that build up to the final chorus is everything!!!!! (If it comes to a remix I always prefer an edit to the full version)

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  4. I think my favourite so far of all these, has to be this:
    The One (Richard Morel Remix Pink Noise Mix)
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  5. I’m yet to dive into these latest EP’s as sadly I just couldn’t ever get into Charmbracelet as an album/era. Saying that Boy (I Need You) and You Got Me are highlights..... maybe I’ll take another I generally love anything Mimi puts her name to.
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  6. Take a try, lots to enjoy.
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  7. Finally watching this masterpiece in HD is a MOMENT gurls!
  8. I'm just so very glad this great, overlooked album, is getting it's time in the spotlight.
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  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    there's my night settled
  10. Fabulous choice. (Wish Mariah was in the thumbnail instead though)
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  11. That means next week is Emancipation! I am beyond thrilled!!
  12. I'm hoping for Secret Love and Sprung on streaming but fear that it won't happen as There Goes My Heart wasn't released this week either.
  13. Good because on Spotify currently there are 5 versions of Don’t Forget About Us and 4 for We Belong Together!
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  14. Such a run of singles! Looking forward to this too.
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  15. I completely forgot about the Charmbracelet era remixes coming out today, I really need to get stuck in and pick my favourites.
    Also, I just got my dispatch email from Mariah’s store for the rest of the vinyl collection. I cannot wait for these to arrive.
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  16. Pat


    Hopefully they'll give the Universal MC30 releases the original release date on Spotify in the near future. Because my OCD can't handle them appearing as 2021 releases and messing up the chronological order on her artist page.
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  17. YES.

    Do we know if there are plans to wait until September for an exact anniversary? Asking for a friend...
  18. Was about to post This. Everything else was well organized so I hope they get this fixed.

    Also imagining that that absolute chaos in her singles collection on Spotify being in the past soon is giving me a nice calm feeling.
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  19. We need the Desert Storm Remix for Don't Forget About Us on streaming finally!
  20. Nothing has been said but there’s no way they’d be skipping it in the vinyl reissue and Remix EP campaign without a 20th anniversary planned.
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