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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Not sure if posted but the European colour reissues of E=MC2 and Memoirs are both limited to 500 (based on regular stock checking I’ve done on the only 2 websites they’ve sold them on). For Memoirs there’s no noticeable differences between the European/US pressing, but for E=MC2 the European pressing is a darker shade of purple (second photo).
    F5145334-A318-411A-880B-1F584357A6C8.jpeg 6D1F538A-ECB5-41B2-9783-C08A56450977.jpeg
  2. Because the remix featured the three present (Bizzie was AWOL and Flesh was in trouble with the law) members, whereas the regular version featured just two of the three members.
  3. Love these!
  4. Have any UK lambs received thier E=MC2's from Sound of Vinyl? I haven't heard anything from them since I ordered mine.
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  5. Yeah received mine on Saturday morning.
    I found they recently haven't been sending out dispatch emails, but if you log into your account, then it tells you if it is processed or pending.
    I found processed meant it had been dispatched?
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  6. Just ordered Memoirs, E=MC2, Me I Am Mariah and Charmbracelet on vinyl! Also waiting for the debut (even though I already found a used copy two years ago) and Caution to arrive.

    So now all that remains is Rainbow and Music Box which I'll have to wait a month to order, then my Mariah vinyl collection is complete (excluding Christmas albums)! Missed out of the Rarities though because I felt it was a bit too expensive but I regret that decision right now because it's sold out. If anyone has an extra copy of that one they wanna sell me for a fair price, DM me!

    MC30 really devoured my wallet didn't it.
  7. I actually just got a dispatch email after checking that it had processed.
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  8. @Jacques, do you think the vinyl from her UK store is the European pressing too?
  9. Yes it will be as they stocked the European Emancipation & Merry Christmas II You pressings!
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  10. I was wondering the same about Memoirs... and Me. I Am... as I haven't had anything other than an order confirmation.

    Have ordered through Sound of Vinyl several times and never had any issue, so expect they're just busy!
  11. Me. I Am Mariah & Charmbracelet (if I'm remembering correctly) are delayed until mid-February, I think their standard practice is to ship once all items are available. People worked out it's because these two are just being imported from the US, whereas E=MC2 & Memoirs are getting their own European pressings (which resulted in the former being a different shade).
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  12. Ah, thank you!

    EDIT: Just had an email reply from SOV saying 'your order (standard Memoirs...and Me. I Am...) is being processed and due to ship in the coming days and you will receive email confirmation once this leaves.'
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  14. The way It's Like That is 16 years old this week... it's funny to me everyone recognizes We Belong Together as the lead because of its success
  15. It's Like That is religion, a prayer, a blessing, pure gospel and pure bliss. It is so epic, so cool, so edgy and so classy. It must be one of the best clap backs ever. What a monster of a song. It's not that We Belong Together isn't fantastic too but It's Like That has a special quality to me. Because it was such a storm.

    Also this epic entrance with it here - it is just so so so good.

  16. I prefer It's Like That to every other Emancipation single ooops!
  17. Mariah black vinyls are now up on UO.
  18. She looked so amazing in all of her videos but that yellow latex dress in 'Get Your Number' is up there with her absolute best, she looks unbelievable

  19. AMAZING! Now bring on the remix EPs for MC30 this Friday.
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  20. Another certification in UK today too, #1 to Infinity passed 100k sales and now certified gold
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