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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Very good going, even more so as it's not on streaming in the UK too I believe??
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  2. What I loved the most about It's Like That, is that upon release, it was the calm before the storm, she released an amazing mid-2000s r&b bop that the fans immediately loved, the gays danced their asses off to in the clubs.
    In terms of airplay it felt like a bit of a continuation of Charmbracelet, except she was getting a bit more attention, because you know, it was latching on... and then, a few months later she releases perfection in the form of We Belong Together, a mid-tempo R&B ballad that the masses lapped up, and she exploded again. What a magical era to be a Mariah fan.
  3. It's Like That perfectly set the stage for a new era. The sound, the video... it was a complete departure and something more grounded and gutsy than her last era. You could feel something big was about to happen even before We Belong Together was unleashed.
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  4. [​IMG]

    A MOMENT ladies! Truly every piece of the puzzle fell into place absolutely flawlessly. The voice, the music, the videos, the performances, the photography, the fashions! Let us celebrate this momentous achievement. Which is difficult to get, not everyone has that!
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  5. Indeed, for that alone (and for also being amazing), needs more credit than it often gets.
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  6. What are the chances The Rarities vinyl will come back in stock?
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  7. Yeah the album is on streaming in UK, so the streaming of all the big hits will be benefiting #1 to Infinity's sales
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  8. Infinity is also a great song. I never expected it at the time but I come back to it a lot.
  9. Acting so corny like Fritos...what a lyric.
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  10. Stay The Night randomly shuffled on my phone today and that song is truly a vocal masterclass. Ugh, legend.
  11. Is it? Can never find it on Amazon Music, must check it out if so-need to have Infinity (the song) in my music library again!
  12. I'm not sure about Amazon but it's definitely on Spotify so I assume it will be

  13. I remember the Mimi era so differently.

    Say Something and To The Floor leaked first. The forum had a meltdown because it was still the Whisperiah they all hated from Charmbracelet. When It's Like That came out, they were appeased by the vocals, but they were unimpressed by how it performed on the charts.

    I also remember Mariah talking about We Belong Together before it came out as a hybrid of Breakdown and One Sweet Day - which I don't hear at all. When I heard it, I was relieved that THIS was what a Mariah ballad sounded like now, instead of the Walter A stuff.

    Personally, It's Like That and We Belong Together are my two least favourite songs on the Mimi album. I hardly ever listen to either song, but I still feel sentimental about them. Those 2 songs helped create a magical era for Mariah. They kinda saved her career.
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  14. Ah, that is pop story right there. Being at those forums was my life as a little lamb.
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  15. I honestly struggle to think of many 1-2 punches as masterful as It’s Like That and We Belong Together. Both phenomenal songs, perfect showcases of two of the most well-known ‘sides’ of Mariah and of her songwriting, and both still sound fresh to this day.

    I remember the music videos for both being absolutely everywhere in 2005 when I would come home from school and watch music channels (it was those two, Gwen’s Cool and Kelly’s Because of You - what a year!), and Mariah walking down the stairs at the start of the former, and in her solo shots in the latter, are two of the most iconic images when I think of her still. A couple of years ago I heard It’s Like That played in a (straight) club and I had an out of body experience.
  16. It's Like That was the first Mariah single I'd bought. It is INSANELY catchy.

    I loved the whole Emancipation of Mimi era.
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  17. It's Like That used to get RINSED at a club night called Popstarz that I used to go to every week.
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  18. Wasn't that at Hidden? I met my husband there!
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  19. Erm, it moved around a bit. When I first went it was in Scala in Kings Cross, then it moved to somewhere in Tottenham Court Road.
  20. Unfortunately, I have the same tired little kid story. I remember buying the We Belong Together single, and subsequently forcing my mum to buy the album. The first listen was my first album experience that I could call an EVENT, dahling! Get Your Number, Stay the Night, One and Only, Circles, and Joy Ride are my faves.
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