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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Stunning, both vocally and visually!
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  3. I see ending Shawn Mendes' existence wasn't the only iconic thing she did that night.
  4. That was stunning. The headphone drop at the end took me out.

    7 minute version? Bring it on Mimi!
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  5. More than happy if a whole 3 mins were taken up by that long "Togetherrrrr" note at the very end.
  6. With the right amount of rest and recording conditions, she can still slay the ending. Shook!
  7. [​IMG]

    What a performance! The ‘I can’t sleep at night’ bit left me shook.
    Also, I know her hair has been darker for a while and she also has sombré but with this lightning and the ponytail it actually looks very dark - and amazing.
  8. K94


    I'm def here for her doing runs instead of cutting the notes short. She slayed and that mix of the song is so good!
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  9. This was formidable. I love her.
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  10. Drop this on streaming and get another couple weeks at #1 for the track so we can kick Lil Nas X out of his record slot.
  11. This was incredible. Some bits in particular are out of this world and possibly better than the original?

    0:33 '...I neVER felt'
    the whole second verse + bridge
    2:44 '...sun COMES up, WHO's...'
    the crystal clear enunciation throughout
    the unparalleled musicality
    the headphones drop.

    Tour de force dahlings!
  12. It feels amazing to be A LAMB!

    Please don't hate, but.....this 2021 version slaps even harder that the original.

    Release it ASAP!
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  13. That felt so good to listen to.

    The first bar of the second verse shifted my wig from outta nowhere. The seven minute version is a must.

    Sidebar: No matter what Mimi’s voice or body has ever been going through over the years Queen will always serve us hair and I think that in itself is The Meaning Of Mariah.
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  14. I got goosebumps from that! Makes up for no MC30 this week hah
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  15. I agree, I hope it gets released properly at some point.
  16. This is so gorgeous!!
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  17. Listening to Memoirs on vinyl and remembering a time when Mariah released E=MC2, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel and Merry Christmas II You in the space of 3 years. We really were spoiled weren’t we. But then the gap until Elusive Chanteuse felt huge, even if we were given snacks with Triumphant (practically a feature) and Almost Home.
  18. I loved that performance. The editing of the video made me scream tho. The dramatics in the end!!

    Love the late night mix, and Mimi please release the 7 minute-version ASAP!
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  19. Where is my purple E=MC2 vinyl

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  20. Listening to my Vision's Of Love: Mariah Carey's 90s Love songs playlist this Valentine's Day morning. What a run, no one can do love songs quite like Mimi.
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