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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Just so gorgeous.
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  2. This was mentioned in Cardi‘s thread but I hope for an answer here. Does Mariah still have Vegas contracts?
  3. She’s here and she’s beautiful.
    Her official UK store has already sent me money back for it being “lost” so E=MCFree I guess!


    Funny how I was telling @_hazzie_ the other day I’d prefer the ‘American violet’ but considering I got that shade for Rainbow I’m pretty happy with this in the end. This shade of purple is really pretty and pictures can’t do it justice seemlingly. For me as a collector, the lack of hype stickers does hurt though.

    Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce!
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  4. It's the first day of hopefully a nice Spring to look forward too, and am currently obsessed with this remix:
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  5. So happy for you!!! I think I prefer this colour in person too.
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  6. Wait at the whole Side A leaving me gagged. I mean Migrate/Touch My Body/Cruise Control/I Stay In Love?!

  7. Nothing again this week for MC30...
  8. Oh well, I guess we will just gotta wait and see now I guess.
  9. Just played the debut. This run of back to back bops is everything:

    And partly why it remains her best album for me.
  10. Mariah has recorded a new version of 'Always Be My Baby' for this animation which you can hear in this clip
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  11. Queen of great re-recordings.
  12. mom is cooking

  13. From her post on Instagram, I thought he had died today dd. Shows how little I know.
  14. Give us that "Juicy" remix, queen.
  15. I’m choking
  16. God I love that song
  17. Always Be My Baby, is timeless.
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  18. Still can't believe the fuckery at the Grammys that year.
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  19. Indeed. She was robbed.
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