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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. That cover.

  2. Is everything. Queen of iconic 90's singles covers I think:

  3. When did the Vision of Love hair make a comeback? Three pop culture icons I've spent most of my adult life pining for are (in no particular order) Kate Bush, Patrick Leonard and Mariah's Vision of Love/Emotions/MTV Unplugged hair.

    Butterfly had one (two) of the greatest album covers of all time. The artwork from that era was so warm and sensual. I couldn't have been more different to Daydream.
  4. The album artwork of Butterfly will indeed always be a thing of beauty.[​IMG]
  5. She looks great!
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  6. She looks insane. It's criminal that the follow up to I Know What You Want is missing another iconic MiMi middle eight though.
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  7. Not her looking straight out of the Butterfly era.
  8. Although she hasn't really aged since then (eternally 12 dahhhling!) this video was filmed 4 years ago.
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  9. Why'd it take so long to release it?!
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  10. Not sure exactly. But looking at the Wikipedia entry for the Busta Rhymes album, it looks like it's been a long and messy roll-out. The album was originally announced in 2013, but wasn't actually released until last summer. So they probably had plans to release this much earlier but things changed.
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  11. Indeed, ageless Queen. Love her.
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  12. There is no greater power on earth than Mariah.

    How Migrate wasn’t a single and the biggest song of that year is beyond me.
  13. Was there ever a reason given for having 2 Butterfly covers? I still remember fighting with my 6 year old brother at HMV over which one to get. He only wanted the album cuz he saw her take off her clothes in the Honey video
  14. Mad to think it's 13 years since E=MC2, time really does fly.
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  15. Where has Mimi disappeared to, I'm missing her presence. Although if she's recording MC16 with the level of vocal agility she showcased in We Belong Together 2021 leave her to it!
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  16. "Where I belong" enters TOP 50 on Rhythmic radio:

    217 49 BUSTA RHYMES Where I Belong f/Mariah Carey 230 9 221 0.767
    +43 Spins
    +42 Bullet
    +0.146 Audience
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  17. Also - what is going on with youtube views? There is some strange pattern - every couple of days video gets 2mln views and then the day after it only gets around 600k.

    A couple of hours ago it was in TOP 10 on most viewed list on kworb with 2mln views in the past 24hours and now it's nowhere to be found.

    Glitch? Promo that lasted 24 hours?

  18. Mariola
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