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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I miss her too, looking forward to an new Mariah album already so much.
  2. [​IMG]

    How RANDOM is my top 20 most listened Mariah's songs? I didn't know I like E=MC this much.
  3. Liking the Glitter deep cuts being in there too!
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  4. My fave MC album! <3
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  6. I didn’t catch everything but she said she recorded something that’s 9 minutes and one of her favorite things she’s done in years
  7. Just to hear her talk in that kind of setting was so cute! She said she wants to do this again, I think that was just like a little test run.
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  8. Her sounding so happy about the new music she's working on and saying the pandemic helped her rest her voice and get it back to where it needs to be - feed us, Queen!

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  9. Living for the stannage of lyrical masterpiece More Than Just Friends.
  10. New Mariah music, will just be epic. But in the meantime, shall happily have The Rarities on repeat. What a treat that album really still is.
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  11. I don't listen to The Rarities that much, mainly because I decided to decapitate it and add the songs to the respective albums. Makes them feel more fun for me. Music Box was always too short for me so a few extra tracks is grand.
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  12. I really hope she is recording a new studio album and not reinterpretations of the classics, Christmas music or a duets album. I’ll take all of those things... but it would be a waste of where her voice currently is and how clean and clear her headspace is at the moment.
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  13. Honestly doubt that and there is nothing pointing to that. She loves writing, she finally got the attention for her writing the last few years. It would be the weirdest time to do something like this. I mean it could be an easier way to some ticket sales if she goes into that really easy adult radio territory.

    I can see a jazzy reimagination of classics somewhere along the line but not now. Making that Apple TV special into another Christmas album wouldn't sound to crazy for me though. But overall I am sure she is working on an album.
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  14. The possibilties of MC16, is all so exciting.
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  15. Her voice is on the We Belong Together 2021 is just fucking incredible..the fluidity and agility is like straight out of 2005. And she knows it too, so I'm sure she's preparing something special.
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  16. I'm sure she is. Have every faith.
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  17. I'm watching Mariah's World properly for the first time just as sort of background noise and... My God. I know it's majorly scripted / heightened for dramatic effect but there are so many insufferable people surrounding her in this show. How Mariah ever put up with that entire situation, I do not know.

    Mishka giving off her vibes almost as bad as her mother's? I do not trust.
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  18. Fresh off delivering (in my opinion) the strongest album of her career so far?

    My anticipation is high.
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  19. Thinking about this run today.

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