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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Lambs already kind of knew this was happening but this is good news, since she’s going to be continuing to work with Melissa Ruderman.
  2. My first encounter with Mariah was Obsessed on the 4music countdown and my best friends mum calling her overrated and me having no clue who she was... cut to 2018 when I was a huge college stoner and stumbled across The Distance somehow and was blown away and bought Caution in an HMV sale on a whim. I still haven't heard all of her albums, I've tried some of the earlier stuff but I feel like the reason I like her is her more hip hop leaning sounds, not the ballads.
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  3. Good to see.
  4. Uno


    I am also a late-to-the-game fan of Mariah and feel the same. My boyfriend at the time played Caution a few times around the house and it completely entranced me and is one of my favorite albums ever. It's been a complete joy for me to discover her discography decades after the release dates. The ballads are also taking a lot longer for me to get into, but her songwriting is completely unparalleled so even in the less up-tempo songs, there's always something different she brings to the table.
  5. Love the new track. The production isn’t on par with her last two albums—it sounds like she hopped on an instrumental co-produced by Darkchild and Max Martin from 1998–but the hook sticks, and the vocal also sounds very late 90s.
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  6. Sounds like a late-90's Mariah album track banger. The whistles are always so nice to hear. Love it.
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  7. I fucking love this. Jumps all over her range, it's classic Mariah lush!
  8. This is cute. Nothing amazing but nice enough.
  9. I think it’s amazing she sounds like this in 2021. So confident and sure of her voice.
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  10. She sounds AMAZING!

    New album please. ASAP.

    "You only live to break my heart again" - story of my life on Grindr. LOL.
  11. The classic Mariah chord progression

  12. Yeah, the song itself sounds dated but she sounds amazing and I hope that new album will follow very soon.
  13. One word. Amazing. She's done it yet again.
  14. This is so great!
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  15. Gives me Crybaby vibes.
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  16. Always a good thing too that.
  17. This is such a bop!
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  18. Lyric video:

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  19. It’s a cute little song. The lyrics are nice and some parts of the instrumental are as divine as her vocals. A bit forgettable but not at all a bad song. Like.
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