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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Butterfly was the first Mariah album I heard in full when I first started getting into her because every single Lamb held it in such high regard, and it's easy to see why. The lush production, melodies, emotions and feelings conveyed throughout the record make it a once-in-a-career moment that she's never tried to replicate (because she's never had to, the part of her life she was experiencing while making the album was a rollercoaster to say the least) outside of My All having a few retreads on the next few albums or so. The songwriting is so tight, and her vocals just being a little less than perfect and huskier compared to Music Box and Daydream add so much rawness, that even the more schmaltzy moments like Whenever You Call still feel so heartfelt and genuine to her. Not to mention what other album has a RUN of tracks like Honey through to Close My Eyes? It really is a perfect album.

    Sorry for the rambling nn.

    I'm still surprised that particular era yielded no b-sides, rarities, outtakes, etc. whatsoever, or least none have surfaced yet. Then again we got nothing from it when The Rarities dropped, so I guess it was a very focused recording.
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  2. The two Butterfly memories I always repeat here is being in London week of release and seeing huge billboards / cutouts outside HMV, Virgin etc and then radio station guy I was in London with (I had won a radio comp to travel to London and see Toni Braxton on her Secrets Tour) telling me about the big song from it being a ballad called My Owl and that the label had brig plans for it later on. He meant My All but his pronunciation was so dire I was like 'maybe she means an owl like the ones they train'. Mess!

    I then bought the album and to this day it's my joint fave MC with the debut (with Mimi and Caution rounding up my Top 4).
  3. I won a competition on MTV Select to interview her with Carolyn Lillipally and Edith Bowman and about twenty other fans from around the MTV Europe region. It was while she was promoting My Owl (gonna keep that thanks) and i was completely awe struck. Still don’t think I’ve seen a human as beautiful as her in the flesh since.
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  4. Butterfly (along with other Mimi albums) really spread some flavour into my life during the 2020 quarantine, when I had just discovered her discography. I had never seen an artist serving relatable and introspective songs like her so she quickly dominated my playlists for the rest of the year. And Butterfly was the album with most of these personal songs that helped me a lot. I mean, Close My Eyes, Outside, My All, The Roof and Breakdown all on the same album? She really was on fire with this album lyrically.
  5. "Close My Eyes" sends me into emotional meltdown mode almost immediately every time. She really nailed the feeling of becoming an adult and inevitably sitting down with yourself to examine your childhood and the things that might have scarred you. I think it is my favorite Mariah song ever.
  6. Autumnal vibes are kicking in so therefore it’s time to listen to Mariah.
  7. I would say Emotions really is her best Autumn vibes album.
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  8. That's interesting about the plans for "My All".

    What I recall was that "Butterfly" (the song) was thought to be the big song and the label was pushing that, thus becoming the second single. I remember being underwhelmed when I finally heard it though and the chart position reflected that.
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  9. If My All was the second single I think the whole era would've gone even better.
  10. Butterfly is an fantastic and beautiful ballad, but My All always felt like the biggest song on the whole album to be an single following Honey.
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  11. From an Europe point of view My All is one of her most recognizable songs, I'm surprised at the somewhat low count of streams.
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  12. "The Roof".

    That's all.
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  13. When I first heard The Roof I couldn't listen to anything else for weeks.
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  14. The fact that it's not an overstatement to say that Butterfly is one of the greatest albums of all time. Like, truly up there as a flaw-free, complete body of work.
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  15. Y'know what? That's not fair to the rest of the album. "Babydoll", "Whenever You Call", "Outside". So many artists dream of having a magnum opus like this.
  16. Whenever You Call, truly underrated.
  17. The fact I'm single as hell but know the duet version with Brian McKnight will be the first dance song at my wedding. One of my favourites by her.
  18. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Absolutely. I feel like even the lambs overlook it which I've never understood. One of her greatest vocal performances ever.

    And I know this sounds like stan bullshit but there's genuinely no weak point on Butterfly, and yes that includes The Beautiful Ones. An 11/10 album.
  19. I've always been confused by the credits for Whenever You Call.
    It says background vocals by Mariah Carey and Clarence.
    I think Mariah only harmonises with herself on the 2nd verse... so who is Clarence and where are they on the song? Didn't she have a pet called Clarence??
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