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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. I wonder if she’d ever consider being a guest judge on Drag Race? They normally have a blockbuster celebrity for the premiere episode of each season, and I reckon she would be great.
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  2. That would be seriously fabulous if she ever did.
  3. I was talking about this recently. I don't think she'd tone it down enough to not outdo Ru and I don't think Ru would be happy with that.
  4. If she had a new album coming that would coincide with a new season I can see her doing the premiere episode. And making history.
  5. Love seeing ‘Loverboy’ so high.
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  6. This is so cute! Here's mine:

    13. With You
    12. It's Like That
    11. Vision of Love
    10. Emotions
    9. Through The Rain
    8. Dreamlover
    7. Obsessed
    6. #Beautiful
    5. Touch My Body
    4. Heartbreaker
    3. Loverboy
    2. Fantasy
    1. Honey
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  7. 13. With You
    12. Through The Rain
    11. #Beautiful
    10. Heartbreaker
    9. Obsessed
    8. Loverboy
    7. Touch My Body
    6. It’s Like That
    5. Dreamlover
    4. Emotions
    3. Honey
    2. Vision Of Love
    1. Fantasy

    The list make it seems like I ‘hate’ Heartbreaker or Beautiful but it can not be further from the truth.
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  8. Love this! Mine is;

    13. With You
    12. Obsessed
    11. Loverboy
    10. Through the Rain
    09. Touch My Body
    08. Dreamlover
    07. #Beautiful
    06. Vision of Love
    05. It's Like That
    04. Honey
    03. Emotions
    02. Heartbreaker
    01. Fantasy
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  9. You seem to actually hate Dreamlover though.
  10. *My chanteuse fingers stalling for a moment*


    1.With You
    1.Through The Rain
    1.It's Like That
    1.Vision Of Love
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  11. Scream! I can’t read suddenly. Thanks, corrected.
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  12. They're all incredibly, close, but I think for me it's:

    13. Dreamlover
    12. Emotions
    11. Touch My Body
    10. Loverboy
    9. With You
    8. Heartbreaker
    7. Vision of Love
    6. #Beautiful
    5. Obsessed
    4. Through The Rain
    3. Fantasy
    2. Honey
    1. It's Like That
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  13. I can't do this, it''s like picking a favourite child.
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  14. Easy.
    1. Heartbreaker
    2. Fantasy
    3. Loverboy

    4. Honey
    5. Obsessed
    6. #Beautiful
    7. Vision Of Love
    8. It’s Like That
    9. Through The Rain
    10. Emotions
    11. Dreamlover
    12. Touch My Body
    13. With You
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  15. Why thank you. It felt only right to make this at least top 5.
  16. 13. With You
    12. Through The Rain
    11. Emotions
    10. Loverboy
    9. #Beautiful
    8. Dreamlover
    7. Vision Of Love
    6. Touch My Body
    5. Heartbreaker
    4. It's Like That
    3. Obsessed
    2. Honey
    1. Fantasy

    But they're all ace anyway, brilliant songs.
  17. 01 Fantasy
    02 Honey
    03 Dreamlover
    04 Heartbreaker
    05 Vision Of Love
    06 Loverboy
    07 Beautiful
    08 Obsessed
    09 Emotions
    10 Touch My Body
    11 It's Like That
    12 Through The Rain
    13 With You
  18. #JusticeForWithYou
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  19. I respect any list with 'Honey' or 'Fantasy' as its #1.
  20. Angels Cry... I’m on the Pinot Grigio I’m having a moment daaahlings!

    Imagine having this many amazing albums excuse me while I cry.

    Memoirs really is that bitch and I won’t hear a word against it.
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