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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Pleased to say I got 9 out of 10! The one I didn't get was "What is the 100th word in the lyrics of All I Want for Christmas is You?", which I'm not too mad I didn't get.

    Mariah and I just keep on winning.
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  2. Sorry for the double post but wow! Love this mashup and she sounds fantastic.
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  3. Hmm, I imagine an Anti Tour setlist to be something like this:

    Sent From Up Above
    The Wind
    Everything Fades Away
    Underneath The Stars
    Looking In
    Slipping Away
    The Roof
    Close My Eyes
    Glitter Medley (Loverboy/All My Life/Last Night A DJ Saved My Life)
    Fly Like A Bird
    I'm That Chick
    Candy Bling
    8th Grade

    We Belong Together

    Quite a long list, but I doubt she would do the songs in full - probably a verse, a bridge and a hook.
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  4. In order of albums too, good idea.
  5. Very good setlist ! Could you please add Lead the way ? And Joy ride, too. Oh well, after all the posts, Migrate should be added, too !
    I'm that chick is such a feel good track !
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  6. Where is Prisoner fake lamb?
  7. I think she would be perfectly capable of pulling off an amazing setlist without any number 1’s at all, even for the encore.

    All In Your Mind
    If It’s Over
    And I Don’t Remember
    I’ve Been thinking About You
    Open Arms
    I Still Believe/Pure Imagination
    The Roof
    Close My Eyes
    Whenever You Call
    Through the Rain
    Fly Like A Bird
    Side Effects
    I’m That Chick
    Up Out My Face
    With You
    The Distance
    8th Grade

    Obviously a couple medleys would be made and she only sings half the songs sometimes anyway.
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  8. Ah, The Distance. Easily her best song for the 2010s for me.
  9. One of her best in general. A beauty.
  10. The Distance was such a bizarre omission from the Caution World Tour setlist, as a promo single & fan favourite. I feel blessed that she pulled it out for the 2018 Christmas tour.
  11. Such a blessing to witness that show.
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  12. Thinking about that time she wore a brown wig for Vibe 2003. I've always loved it.


    I can understand why she doesn't go dark anymore though since it washes her out at times whereas the honey blonde hair she has now always looks good.
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  13. Awful awful photoshop though.
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  15. Me after listening to Mariah’s debut album and realising I am in for another three-month period of devouring a pop icon’s discography and listening to no one else:
  16. Without a doubt.
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  17. Sat listening to the 'Angels Advocate' album. Still gutted it got cancelled.
    I don't appreciate having to listen to it on YouToob.

    At least we got the Mary duet tagged on the end of Elusive Chanteuse.

    Do we know why it got shelved? I'm assuming the Nicki & Ne-Yo underperformed?

  18. How I love her early 90's House bops so much.
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  19. LOVE all of these! The debut and Emotions are two of my fave Mariah albums so of course I love all of those bops, but Now That I Know is really underrated and should've been the template for Music Box.
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  20. Vision of Love is 30 years old.

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