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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Something is coming, but they're being very tight-lipped
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  2. We are getting 4K versions of her videos. That's definitely hinted at. *prays 'Underneath The Stars' has been "found"*
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  3. Even if the upcoming content wouldn’t be all that, the trailer is everything!
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  4. A fan underneath Mariah's tweet pointed out the trailer also contains footage of the Daydream and Charmbracelet tours, though I guess it could be a remaster of the Forever video
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  5. *screams in whistle register*
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  6. LPT


    I'd love to see the Charmbracelet tour . That entrance I used to watch in potato quality. I'm still gagged to this day.
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  7. I totally missed the Charmbracelet Tour. Is it true it was filmed in full in Paris?
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  8. I had tickets for the Charmbracelet Tour but my date got cancelled when the itinerary got redrawn. Would love to see official footage of it as part of MC30.

    (But most of all, I want demos and rare mixes. Hopefully those are in the cards!)
  9. We want the b-sides and rare tracks on streaming too!
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  10. Remastered music videos, unreleased live footage & unreleased Emotions-era demos seem a given from the teaser.

    At worst the Vinyl Me Please teasing is a re-release of the debut. I only say 'worst' because it's her most readily available album on vinyl (minus Caution / #1 to Infinity). I hope if they do re-issue it, they give it the full box set treatment like Whitney's debut - a commitment to the rest of her discography would be nice too, since they already did Daydream.
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  11. If anyone knows how to handle their legacy, then it’s Mariah. I have full faith that she’ll deliver something spectacular.
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  12. I'm excited the most for unreleased live footage and Emotions-era demos!
  13. Mariah giving us that Friday Feeling every week. Just when you couldn't love her more already.
  14. I hope it’s a lot of nice things with them always coming the same time. To really have that moment each week.
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  15. I'm really intrigued by the inclusion of the 'thirsty' single cover in the teaser.. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? unreleased video? Remix?
  16. I'm hoping for some debut-era demos, maybe Someday considering she likes to harp on how much better the demo was.

    I've seen some people mention the re-sung #Beautiful remix, which would be cool too!
  17. Debut era stuff, is especially what I look forward to the most!
  18. It's about time that we had proper rereleases of Mariah's discograpy. Like... a proper, luxe rerelease of all her music.
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  19. The Rich Homie Quan remix isn't on digital services, I'd imagine they're just adding that.

    I wonder if they'd consider sharing some form of the #Beautiful Remix music video.
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  20. Thirsty and You Don’t Know What To Do and Meteorite not getting the dance remix treatment will always bother me
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