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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. I love it. Its such a treat this morning.
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  2. It really is.
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  3. I’m sure it’s from around 2010/ 2011 That’s when she first mentioned the song.
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  4. I was playing Save The Day and The Roof came on shuffle right after and oh wow! A '96-'97 kind of throwback sound. Love!
  5. *turns wind machine on and adjusts wig* ..... IF HE WON'T.... AND SHE WON'T.... AND THEY WON'T... WE WON'T EVER LEARN TO SAVE THE DAAAaaAaAAaaAy.... La la la laaaaaaa la... woah la laaa
  6. Your mean

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  7. I ended up with Killing Me Softly With His Song on replay instead.
  8. It's cute in a Rarities way, so it's fitting.
  9. This is one hell of a throwback and I’m here for it.
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  10. This is one of those "yasssssss" moments dahhling.

    Had this came out in the late nineties it would've been huge.
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  11. I like it a lot, Mariah’s voice sounds so strong and I’m obsessed with those high notes.

    As much as I’m excited for this Rarities collection (I mean, I need this now), I’m aware some of these tracks aren’t going to be groundbreaking. But if it’s true she’s reworked the unfinished demos then we could be in for a real treat. Like, who else would go back to old demos and rework them to make a nice full product out of them? Her mind!
  12. This is wonderful, it’s such a treat that she’s gone back and completed this track. It has such an effortless, nostalgia feel to it.

  13. Also funnily enough another album tied in with a book release!
  14. So I like Save The Day, but I don't think it's going to be the 20th.
  15. That’s not... why she releases this so you don’t have to worry, sis.
  16. Had the same happen to me and it really does work so well.
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  17. I know. I'm sure she would like it to be though... It was just my way of saying 'it's cute, but...' - I'm sure it will grow on me.

  18. Yes but All I Want For Christmas Is To Save The Day (2020) will.
  19. I feel like I can hear where different vocal takes (original demo and current re-record?) have been spliced together, which makes it seem unfinished still. But I'm still glad we have it and I'm excited to see what else is stashed in the vaults.

    The sentiment also works for our global moment of pandemic hell (she even says "we're all in this together"), which makes this old song feel current.
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  20. I thought this was an actual duet, not just a sample from Killing Me Softly. A bit disappointed at that, but overall I like the song - anything that brings new Mariah is worthwhile (even if it's old!).
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