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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. She knew she would be too powerful if she released it as a single so Mimi spared us mere mortals. Generous queen!
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  2. That verse made it sound like even his kids knew Tommy wasn’t shit and they comforted each other. Sounds like she really grew to love them more as sibling figures and hated to leave them behind but had to escape her toxic marriage.
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  3. At this point, it’s the only way. I bit the bullet #facepalm
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  4. imagine if these versions were to be featured on The Rarities ....
  5. Imagine if there’s a demo of Prisoner...
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  6. This is the most Music Box-y song on Daydream. Mariah sounds so bored.
  7. It’s a gorgeous song with heartfelt vocals. I don’t know what you’re hearing but boredom is NOT it.
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  8. I do love When I Saw You but it's massively elevated by the material surrounding it.
    If I had to pick a song on Daydream that was tired/beneath her artistry at that point it would be it.

    Open Arms is the real missed smash - although similar arguments could be made.
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  9. I’ve just remembered Stevie Nicks did it too with 24 Karat Gold
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  10. I'm so happy we finally have to Bad Boy Mix (sans ODB) of Fantasy on streaming. The superior version truly.
  11. The impossible dream. Or is it...
  12. I really hope we get her version of Where Are You Christmas? this year so I can have a festive ugly cry
  13. I'm guessing the live disc, ties in with the 25th anniversary of Daydream too.
  14. I kind of want the Rarities Disc 1 to be free from Christmas songs, as much as I love them I can only listen to them in December.
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  15. Yes I know what you mean. Still too early for even October.
  16. It would be nice if after rarities the moment was kept up with a few rare festive m30 moments each friday between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Her team are so on it I wouldn't be surprised if they had something lined up!

    I would love her to do more home performances and make the most of lockdown.... her voice is so much stronger when she is nerve free and relaxed.... I wonder if we will get a 'save the day' performance?
  17. It just feels even more great being a Mariah Carey fan right now.
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  18. Where Are You Christmas should be a standalone holiday release so it can go to number 1.
  19. Oh it doesn't need to be a part of The Rarities, necessarily, but I've wanted it for years and considering 2020 is the 20th anniversary of the Grinch film (dear god) it would be a great time to release it!
  20. Hopefully we'll get an Xmas EP, I'm sure there's a few Xmas songs that remain unreleased. I'm sure she's got Xmas covered.
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