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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I believe that Close My Eyes was performed solely because it's a fan favourite and it's also a Butterfly week of remix releases. I guess no album tracks will made the cut for rarities album, unless they are alternate or demo versions.
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  2. That would be a proper letdown in this otherwise amazing celebration. Which proper fan needs an album track on a rarity collection?
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  3. I think most of the 'rare' songs that are in existence are pretty much known about already.
    Mariah has never really been one to record 40 tracks for an album - I think she's pretty good at turning an idea into something that works for her so 12-15 tracks is usually enough.

    I did think 15 tracks was a lot... I'm assuming it will be b-sides/bonus tracks that weren't previously available to stream everywhere. But like some are saying, I wouldn't be surprised if some 'deep cuts' are included also.
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  4. It could include remixes that weren’t previously commercially available on cd - the drifting mix of underneath the stars, for example. Making the Tokyo concert available makes sense - her version of Just Be Good To Me is definitely a track that I’m happy to own.
  5. No sign of Save The Day in New Zealand, looks like it'll be out at midnight EST.
  6. I find it so frustrating when labels do this, it makes no sense because they miss out on the song being added to people's release radar playlists which is where so many people discover new music especially casual fans who follow or listen to her on Spotify but don't know she has new music out
  7. There is absolutely zero way that any album tracks will make the cut for a rarities release. It would be completely pointless and I’m not sure why this ridiculous notion was even conceived.
  8. I think some of you took the "rarities" title too literally. I mean the articles specifically mention "fan favourites" - and they can still be a discovery for the general public.

    Id scream if some of the "deep cuts" from her Instagram bedroom sessions (Melt Away, Your Girl,..) would make a cut. Trolliah.
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  9. Sometimes it makes sense, if the song is going to premiered in a specific way (an exclusive first play on Apple, or through another avenue like a morning TV show or Billboard's website for example) so a delayed release in this way would prevent it being heard before it is meant to. We'll have to see what happens.
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  10. Fan favourites likely refers to b-sides like Slipping Away which would be a discovery for the general public. An album track would not be.
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  11. Credits for the album are out.
    Too busy to guess right now but the one by the two George’s is probably this - she performed it on The Elusive Chanteuse tour.

  12. Did I Do That? demo please.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Mariah covered OUT HERE ON MY OWN FROM FAME!?!?!?!

    Edit - also Hypnotized was written with Barry Mann...
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  14. Track 3 is Do You Think Of Me
    Track 7 is Slipping Away
    Track 10... Kenneth Crouch co-wrote a few songs from Charmbracelet. Reach For The Sky?
    Track 12... Loris Holland makes it seem like a Christmas song.

    More Walter A. songs than I expected.

    *edit* - I'm going to assume Save The Day samples Lauryn singing Killing Me Softly as Charles and Norman wrote that song.
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  15. Walter Afanasieff finally getting another pay cheque nn! Keep him fed queen

    Edit: Where does this come from? It's too good to be true
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  17. Oh em gee.
    Where has this list come from because this seems almost too good to be true.
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  18. So excited for this release! Do you guys know if we’ll get the full tracklist tomorrow?
  19. Also, no There For Me? That was written with Diane Warren I think? I don't see her name anywhere.
  20. Puss fell on the floor and got run over by a car
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