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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Cruelly kept off #1 in the UK too.
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  2. Apparently theres a Spanish ep coming apart of #mc30 eek!
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  3. Oooooh!! Sounds good to me!!!!
  4. The 20th number 1 in waiting.
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  5. The album has so many gems... most of them could have easily been a single, imho.
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  6. I came here to talk about the brillant dance remixes she has because I have to DJ at a birthday event this weekend and I am going through all of them. The concept for the birthday is 10 friends coming - each one serving music 2x1hour. I decided - next to a brillant female rapper set - to just use the other one hour I have to play Mariah exclusively - the #MC30 dance mixes will fill the second hour so easily.

    But then I saw the We Belong Together stanning, I almost cried thinking about her range. And now I honestly consider just playing this masterpiece on repeat. I won't. But it would be okay. It is that good.

    Mariah is the gift that keeps on giving.
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  7. So looking forward to #1's week tomorrow!
  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Stay The Night or Say Somethin’ originally meant to be the first single, but LA Reid wanted Mariah to get back in the studio to work with JD first before signing off?
  9. Say Somethin’ definitely was at some point. It leaked a long time before the album. It leaked in 2004 if I remember correctly and To The Floor did also.

    It was widely rumoured it’s was purposely leaked to gauge the response since it was such a different song for her. I don’t think she’s overly fond of it herself.
  10. Saw this on Twitter earlier and thought it was real, I wanna see the unseen shots so bad -

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  11. Found on FB.

    NEWS ON UPCOMING RELEASE: Mariah Carey "The Rarities" has a Japan Exclusive Bonus Blu-ray

    Mariah Carey to release a double CD set titled, "The Rarities" on October 2, 2020. Japanese edition exclusively features the high-fidelity Blu-spec CD2 format and includes a bonus disc featuring her concert at Tokyo Dome in 1996.

    "The Rarities," as its title indicates, includes rare tracks and unreleased ones. Also, it includes unreleased live tracks taken from her "Daydream Tour" in Japan held at Tokyo Dome on March 7, 1996. This Japanese edition exclusively includes a bonus disc with live footage featuring the concert.

    Also, this Japanese edition exclusively features the high-fidelity Blu-spec CD2 format. Comes with lyrics and a description. Plus, as the first pressing bonus, it comes with a postcard feat. cover artwork.
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  12. No news about tomorrow releases?
  13. I would love an invitation to that party.
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  14. The vinyl is now available to preorder on Amazon.

    I've just checked on Spotify New Zealand and this week will be for #1s. The remixes for Sweetheart and Do You Know Where You're Going To? have been uploaded. There is also a Spanish EP that has Heroe, El Amor Que Sone, Mi Todo, and the associated remixes of the latter track.
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  15. That Spanish EP is amazing ! ! ! I want a cd version like NOW !!! Didin't know there were so many remixes of Do you know where...
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  16. Awesome. Those Spanish tracks are gorge
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  17. She forgot something?
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  18. That’s probably coming with the Beautiful EP.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    It's also already on Spotify....

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  20. I had no idea this version had a complete different music video
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