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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I had no clue she wrote it. Another Christmas classic.
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  2. Yaaaaas at them throwing out more EPS! But they need to tidy up even more now, Can‘t Tale That Away is basically the same EP twice now. But looking at the next eras there is REAL chaos on Spotify.

    Now all that’s missing is a tour. Thanks Corona.
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  3. I’m speaking a Rarities Volume 2 release into fruition with the Rainbow Tour audio, “Christmas, Why Can’t I Find You?”, and “Hypnotized”. I WILL see this harvest.
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  4. This is what I've been waiting for on streaming!!! I mean, I have the CD single it's from but still...
  5. Does anyone have link for the full WWHL interview?
  6. Do You Think of Me is probably my favourite thing from The Rarities aside from Slipping Away, it’s a gorgeous throwback.
  7. THE RAINBOW ERA!!!! [heart-eyed emoji]
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  8. Scream. The remix I didn’t know I needed.
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  9. Heartbreaker and Rainbow are her best single - album covers moments!
    A long way from the conservachic of Fantasy / Daydream.
  10. Mariah could write The Communist Manifesto, but Marx’s crusty ass could have never written Thirsty.

  11. Mariah’s never been that visual artist girl, but in the spirit of her memoirs, I’ve been rewatching the Honey music video. The ridiculous storyline, color scheme and mood were a serve.

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  12. Waaaaait... what's the tea? Educate a sis please!
  13. Her best video.
  14. SO glad it's finally Rainbow's turn in the Sun for #MC30 week!
  15. How long is the Tokyo dome performance on YouTube for?
  16. No idea, but forever I hope!
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  18. Really? Oh well.
  19. Will we get Glitter next week Is the question.
  20. When Mariah tells the Tokyo audience that they let her down for not singing back to her loud enough
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