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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. This graphic makes me think they might be done for now? She's looking into why Crybaby wasn't done too

    Maybe they'll split the rest into next year when the Island/Def Jam vinyls get released in late January?
  2. Random thought. After listening to the book, it gave the lyrics to Long Ago a whole new meaning. The opening verse very much sounded like she was referring to Tommy. Anyone else feel that after the book?
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  3. All this talk of Memoirs got me thinking of a WTF moment around the mess of the lack of a proper release for Obsessed in the UK. If I recall it was slated for release and the date kept being pushed despite it doing well on airplay/video rotation until it ended up being scrapped and I Want To Know What Love Is became the lead single and Obsessed only charted after the album became available as a download at a lowly #56 or similar.

    Talk about a missed opportunity for a hit...
  4. I remember seeing this too, and I’m not sure if it’s correct but I’m sure I saw something about them being fearful that the autotune would “alienate” the UK market.
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  5. I guess we will never know but all the signs of being a hit were there! A real shame.
  6. This is...disappointing. I never knew why Memoirs didn’t do much over here, and only being a super casual fan, I remember being quite into Obsessed once I discovered it existed, only to have Mariah do I Wanna Know What Love Is on X Factor (if I remember correctly). Label decisions baffle me. In 09 stuttery electro dance stuff was exploding.

    I like IWKWLI and it’s place on the album (especially attached to Languishing) but it’s not representative at all of the record!
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  7. Nah Mariah probably promised a UK promo visit and they held it back to coincide and then she promoted another song.
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  8. I Wanna Know What Love Is was a terrible way to close out a great album AND a baffling single choice.
  9. I think even Obsessed was a bad lead single choice so their single game wasn’t really good that era.
  10. It doesn’t baffle me as it’s clear what they were trying to achieve but it was completely wrong. Mariah’s label(s) have often got cold feet and made poor single choices/changed last minute/ been too scared to release what she wanted.

    With ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ they were trying to recreate a ‘Without You’ or ‘Against All Odds’ moment. They thought that’s all UK/Europe wanted from her - a ballad cover. Completely ignoring the fact times had indeed moved on since those songs were released.
  11. As much as I love Memoirs, I don't think there's a lead-single-type-song on the album that they could've pushed other than Obsessed.

    Also, with I Wanna Know What Love Is, I think the label (and even Mariah) had a bit of a dated idea that covers were still popular in the UK and Europe.
  12. Obsessed was a great lead single and one of her finest singles of that decade. Angels Cry probably should’ve been the 2nd single. Or Standing O but the stuttering parts might have felt too much like Obsessed.

    Angles Cry would have felt like yet another attempt at We Belong Together but I don’t know what else would have been a good follow up. Up Out My Face is great but definitely felt like a late campaign single. Hate U is also great but I don’t think radio would’ve touched it.
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  13. The timelessness of her discography is something that really strikes me. Aside from her first couple of albums had very distinct 90s production values and there are couple of tracks on E=MC2 that sound very 2008, a lot of her music can’t be placed in any particular era.
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  14. I’m sure I remember Obsessed being available briefly to download over here and then being completely pulled only to have to wait months for the album to be released. Didn’t help that the the album wasn’t released in the U.K. for a month after The US release...
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  15. I think this maybe happened all over Europe. The U.K. chart stats for Obsessed show 3 separate chart entries....
  16. I agreed, Obsessed still sounds great now, and I am a sucker for this remix in all it's 2009 glory:
  17. I’m guessing it’s not over?
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  18. I Want to Know What Love Is is a good cover that could have been great if they didn’t fade it out just as the gospel climax hits. She really could have taken it to church and made it her own with another minute of choir and ad-libs.
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  19. Fade outs make me sad. I like a resolution. Probably my biggest gripe with Xenomania productions.
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  20. I was about to say the same, she's getting into her stride and hitting the higher belts then it disappears?!
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