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Mariah Carey - General Discussion + #MC30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. The list of the glorious things happened this year... and then that picture ddd.
  2. Remastered CD special editions! (One can dream)
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  3. I'm honestly entranced by the Just Be Good To Me rendition. Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam are pure geniuses. So glad she got to work with them afterwards.
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  4. #GlitterAt20 next year please

    Or a new studio album

    or both x
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  5. And ‘I want to know what love is’ was a perfect single choice purely for going #1 for 27 weeks in Brazil

    Making and breaking records
  6. I need the Glitter videos in HD on Youtube. PLEASE.
  7. Seeing as it's #MC30 and it's also twenty years since The Grinch movie came out... I really hope we get 'Where Are You Christmas?'. It's time.
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  8. I know, that would be great if this happened.
  9. I am hammering "Do You Think of Me" today. Whew, a song!
  10. It really is. I love how we finally got it on an album.
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  11. Currently watching all the Top Of The Pops HD performances that have been uploaded back to back, and it's just 90s Mariah perfection one after another. More of these please.
  12. The Firecracker version of Loverboy is great. It's a classic Mariah bop and isn't too far removed from Heartbreaker. Bit more urgency to it and I love that she sings the chorus with a fuller voice. That said, the Candy version is still the definitive version. The sample just slaps harder and sends Loverboy into the deep end of funhouse boppery and it works better with the unapologetic deep 80s vibe of Glitter. The Firecracker version is just lacking that ridiculousness. It would have been a cute single remix with a rapper and I'm glad we finally have it.
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  13. New Meaning of Mariah merch - this t-shirt is iconic, as is the notebook!

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  14. I want that mug.
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  15. Bit strange that the T-shirt lists Honey as being from the Honey EP rather than Butterfly.
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  16. Wait at the If This Kid Makes It tee being a little tiew emotive given where it comes in the book.

    If this is US store only, can UK peeps order too? I might just have to.
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  17. The audiobook is a masterpiece. As awful as this sounds, prior to 2019, I had never paid attention to Mariah beyond stanning Fantasy (of course), Anytime You Need A Friend (an underrated classic), All I Want For Christmas and strangely enough, Oh Holy Night (One of my favourite renditions of my favourite festive classic). I had no idea about her biracial identity, no idea that she wrote her own music and had never listened to any of her albums. I had always heard people rave about Caution, but never got round to listening.

    It all changed last Christmas when she got the US number one. To my shame, I was surprised but delighted to find out that she wrote AIWFCIY and all her other songs. I was bowled over by her grace, charisma and fierce intelligence in her interviews. I listened briefly to her first four albums but still didn't give them the time they deserved. I started building a playlist but it wasn't much beyond the singles, Prisoner, You're So Cold, and basically the majority of Daydream and Butterfly. I made a note to return but got distracted by the world turning upside down.

    It wasn't until I saw the title of this thread which captured my interest and someone posted the interview with Oprah regarding The Meaning Of Mariah. I was utterly transfixed for the whole hour. When she mentioned the Legends Ball in particular I instantly trawled through YouTube for more details and that was my afternoon done. In tears at my laptop.

    Since then I have been captivated by Mariah. I can say in all honesty there hasn't been a day where I've not either thought about her or listened to one of her tracks. Hearing about her experiences of childhood trauma, racism and domestic abuse had a profound effect on me. The combination of astute introspection and a deep empathy towards herself and her wounds is truly inspirational. She's a miraculous talented woman. Now I get it.

    I have followed her journey through the audiobook and every point stopped to listen to every remix watch all the key interviews and live performances, music videos. Fell in love with the Chick album, Rarities and thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on this thread. My personal standouts are the house flourishes on Make It Happen and the C&C remixes are to die for, The entirety of Butterfly and Caution, Glitter soundtrack was joyous and such a huge suprise, E=MC2 blew me away just as much as Emancipation which I was not expecting, her disco moments on Me I Am Mariah, my wig is a Meteorite. It has all been a wonderful revelation. Mariah has a new little Lamb.
  18. This is so amazing because I have a friend from Brazil and last year I was randomly playing that song and she went OFF.

    It‘s great and I like it but it really fades out to early. It needed one last big chorus. Think Run by Leona. That epic over the top cheese.
  19. I just want to say I’ve been consistently listening to Mariah only for the past 3/4 weeks. I can’t get over it.

    I’m almost halfway through the book and I think I’m becoming a full blown stan. She’s a treasure!!
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  20. The audiobook is one of her crowning achievements hands down. Finally finished today and what a ride. Genuine, fascinating, devastating. Her impression of her mom cracked me up every time she did it.
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