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Mariah Carey General Discussion (The Festive Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Not even close.
  2. Let's play this game again! Popcorn, anyone?
  3. Good one.
  4. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    It's too bad she's not a X-Factor judge.
  5. There's still next year.

    I think they are her worst albums, along with Emotions.
  6. It's certainly amazing. Memoirs is still my favourite album of hers. So good. "Candy Bling" is such a sad and gorgeous song. The only song I could really take or leave is "Angels Cry" which is just generic and dull. This album is so perfect for autumn. Can't wait to play the hell out of it again.
  7. Excuse me but where the hell is Standing O?!?!?
  8. The holy trinity of 'Standing O' 'It's a Wrap' and 'Up Out My Face' = Perfection!
  9. So true (In my humble opinion). She's extraordinary.
  10. I really don't like the Nicki version of Up Out My Face. She could've done something cool with it but she decided to rap like a retard as she does too often.

    What about this lyric from Betcha Gon Know: "This is for real, for real, for real.... Oprah Winfrey whole segment for real, for real" What?!
  11. "Standing O" is completely average and along with "Inseperable" completely stalls the momentum between the first set of five amazing songs and "It's A Wrap" through to the "Impossible".

    "Candy Bling" is good but it just seems like an inferior version of The-Dream's "I Luv Your Girl" to my ears.

    The best moments for me are "Betcha Gon' Know" ("I wake up in a haze, morning dew and sunrays / As I drive I hide my eyes behind my black Cavalli shades" <3), "Ribbon", and "More Than Just Friends" which are all so incredibly beyond amazing.

    I'd love for her next album to be similar to Memoirs.
  12. Memoirs really is a masterpiece. It took time but I fully appreciate it now. More Than Just Friends doesn't get enough love.
  13. I'm totally with u!
    'You got me spinning round boy you're like a lil model'
  14. I think Candy Bling is superior to I Luv Your Girl, but I don't really see the similarities. Yes, they both create atmospheres of melancholy but Candy Bling is about the death of a loved one and I Luv Your Girl is more sexual and doesn't tell as much of a story I don't think. I definitely don't think I Luv Your Girl is anywhere near as interesting.
  15. Blasphemy! It's an amazing song, I love how it starts off so quiet then builds in to something so big with her screaming "GAVE YOU MY HEART AND ALL YOU DID WAS POUND ON IT!!!!!" and doing demented whistling noises.
  16. Also "For The Record" from E=MC2 fits REALLY well on Memoirs. I moved it to that album on my MP3 player.
  17. 3Xs


    I love For The Record! Should have been more than just a perfume theme song.
  18. I love More Than Just Friends but I think the JS remix is far superior. It gives the song that extra oomph.

    Candy Bling is the best song on Memoirs followed by Betcha.
  19. LJB


    Betcha Gon Know, H.A.T.E U, Candy Bling, Inseperable and The Impossible are some of her best ever songs. I just love the mid-tempos of this album. Amazing, reverberated production and really nice lyrics.
  20. It just drags to me! I feel like it's getting pulled back, like when you're stuck in a wave. Also, I'm ecstastic to see love for More Than Just Friends. I always felt it should've been the follow up to Obsessed. "Let me love you down like the top of my soprano!"
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