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Mariah Carey General Discussion (The Festive Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. She doesn’t hate Someday, no? If I recall, she just really disliked the new production of the song that stayed on the album.

  2. Pretty sure she just hates it now.
  3. This is from the #1's to Infinity liner notes:
    “This was one of my favorite songs when I was writing it for my demo. I remember being a kid and listening to it over and over on the subway after the studio sessions. I wish I could press rewind and delete some moments from the video and some of the overproduction on the debut album. That’s why I included the version from MTV Unplugged on this album!”
  4. I just can't believe it's Caution's first anniversary already! And yes indeed, it's still got it. What an album.
  5. Happy 1st Anniversary, Caution!

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  6. Indeed, happy 1st anniversary Caution! Just started my 1st anniversary listen as I write. Bliss!
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  7. Listening to GTFO, what an absolute opener that still is. And I will never get over just how HOT she looked in the video:
  8. GTFO is right up there with her very best for me. Talk about setting a mood.

    And I know it’s based around a sample but the production is still so fresh and so interesting a year later. I’ll never tire of it.
  9. I never realised there was an actual Music Box tour. Was it ever recorded? I always thought the vocals on the first live video were a bit TOO good. Do we think it was dubbed?

  10. This album will still sound fresh in ten years time. I just know it.
  11. Here here. It just has it all this song.
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  12. Her early live performances were so flawless I often thought they were dubbed because she just sounds so damn perfect.
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  13. I was looking at early articles about Mariah and it's kind of mind-blowing to see some of the things that would be written, like this from Philadelphia Inquirer, 1993:
    or this, from Washington Post, 1995:
    And also a bit of classic Mariah from the early years (also from Philadelphia Inquirer, 1993):
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  14. Man, they were really going for her the press weren't they, even way back then?
  15. Oh my god.
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  16. Indeed, talk about being somewhat off.
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  17. How rude! She must have really had to develop a thick skin for all the trash written about her.
  18. Most definitely. Just vile stuff.
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  19. Would be lovely if this was *the year* for it to go #1 in the UK, but that campaign by George Michael's team to get Last Christmas to #1 seems sure to out-do it.

    Still annoys me she was just 152 units behind Ava last year, and that's with All I Want's units halved due to ACR.
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