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Mariah Carey General Discussion (The Festive Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Oh god, can you imagine the meltdown that would have happened.
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  2. Ha! You certainly can.
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  3. We just got tickets for February 29th in Vegas, her last night. My boyfriend got that Meet & Greet, eeek lol.
  4. IMO Crybaby has aged extremely well.
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  5. Rainbow has two of her worst songs, that and 'How Much'.
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  6. One of her best all round I think.
  7. Rainbow is seen as worse than it actually is, just for the fact that it was a disappointing follow-up to her magnum opus - I'd say Crybaby & Petals are the two tracks that would be worthy of inclusion on Butterfly.
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  8. 3. Ex-Girlfriend.

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  9. ^ I don't mind that faux-Destiny's Child bop.

    'Petals' is my favourite Mariah track. Hence why I can't just completely hate Rainbow.

    I think alongside The Emancipation of Mimi, it's the album that has dated the most over the years.
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  10. Petals is definitely one of her best.

    Completely disagree that Rainbow is especially dated, its shortcomings had to have been evident on release. It's very very patchy. The Emancipation of Mimi is absolutely timeless to me. She could release that today and it would still sound fresh (just a bit of a throwback). The first three albums are the only ones I'd really say dated.
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  11. X-Girlfriend is literally the reason I didn't return the CD back then. BOPPP.
  12. The hate that Did I Do That gets is SO uncalled for.
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  13. I actually really like Rainbow. It was perfect for me at that point in time and Crybaby is the only song I didn't like on it.
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  14. Rainbow, is a fantastic album I think. Yes, is does have that Late 90s R&B vibe about it in a big way. But that only makes it better for me somehow. Any follow up to Butterfly was always going to be hard. But Rainbow is more than good enough in its own right.
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  15. Yeah, Rainbow is a perfectly fine album....the problem was it feels a bit disjointed and rushed. Especially with that remix in the middle of the album? And a few random interludes? I love the bops, but find the ballads quite boring compared to Daydream and Butterfly (except for Petals of course).

    For me it's just a mid-tier Mimi album, which is still better than most albums.

    Edit: really diving into Charmbracelet now for the first time, and pretty great? The voice is shot, and I'm not really a fan of whisperiah in big doses, but the songwriting and production is great.

    Yours is especially lovely.
  16. I believe this was done because then Heartbreaker and the remix would be the first song on each side of a casette and LP.
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  17. Never thought of like that. That's quite a good idea I think too.
  18. Rainbow has "Petals" so that album always has a special place in my heart.
  19. Giving Me Life is the one for me from the latest album. Such chilled and beautiful production
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