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Mariah Carey General Discussion (The Festive Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. “I’m not even going to discuss... this.”

    Queen of dismissing cheap-looking decorations.
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  2. Spotify better stan!
  3. Still collecting over half a million streams during the peak of summer though. Only a legend.

  4. I've always had this theory that 'I Belong To You' was actually a Mariah track, because it feels so different from the other tracks on its parent album. And that was probably a song Mottola would have thought was too R&B for Mariah, hence passing it to Whitney. Mariah not wanting to be associated with her co-star because she's already been told several times in the beginnings of her career that she was too akin to her.

    The lyrics are full of lexical Mariahisms ('When you touch me tender / And you reach my soul / Then I start to weaken / And I lose control'). The harmonies, the falsetto moments. Narada Michael Walden produced it, Afanasieff is at the keyboards.

    I actually think we don't have the slightest idea how much Columbia used Mariah drafts or lyrics for other people, she was pretty much a gold mine in terms of productivity (and quality) at the time.

    What are your thoughts? Anyway, a stellar track I'll never tire of hearing.

  5. This song is superbly underrated and needs much more recognition than it actually gets. A heartbreaking Christmas masterpiece.
  6. Were her christmas videos or live performances of her Christmas album ever released on dvd somewhere?
  7. The instrumental is gorgeous. Everything about the song is gorgeous. You're right, it deserves more airplay and acclaim. But it's also like a great secret you get to share with people.
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  8. Now it's December I can finally listen to disc 2 of the Merry Christmas anniversary edition. I am loving the St John Cathedral performance, the arrangements are great and it just feels so festive. I forgot just how cute The Star is.
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  9. It’s top 10 on U.K. iTunes now too! I know iTunes doesn’t count for as much as it used to but it’s still a great sign.

    I played Merry Christmas as I was putting up my tree this evening. What an album.
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  10. She's projected to enter the top 20 of the Hot 100 this week. Here we go!
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  11. I haven’t seen the Walkers advert this week, has it run its course? The Coca Cola advert has been on non-stop this week and I assumed Walkers would be the same.
  12. I've seen it a few times (not on TV though). I'd imagine it'll keep playing until Christmas?
  13. I really hope so, I’m expecting them to really ramp it up now it’s December.
  14. Yes, that's that's true as well. Like a great secret only a few people are in on.
  15. Madness I know, but every year my most played Mariah Xmas song is actually ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’.

    I then usually watch Gremlins on repeat.
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  16. As long as no one huge surprise drops pre-Christmas, surely she has her 19th on lock? Surely.

    The absolute hunger that it would light in our stats Queen to push that to 20 would be something to see.

  17. Whoop. Does anyone (off the top of their head) know what position it was this time last year?
  18. It has not been December for 48 hours and it's already the 6th biggest song on Spotify US.

    This is her year.
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