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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. MIMI.
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  2. Mariah is my favourite of the diva's. I like a fair few of her songs before her emancipation, but she just becomes amazing "It's Like That" onwards.
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  3. I love her - I can't wait for her singles rate, which is hopefully coming up soon.

    Music Box is amazing, I haven't listened to it for ages. So is Emancipation of MiMi.

    I didn't pay any attention to her last album though (was it E=MC2?) The first single she released from it was soooooo bad, it just put me off. I thought it was just crap. It was called 'My Sexy Body' or something - I can't remember, something like that. I was so disappointed. I want her to come back with a good album but not likely in the near future as she's just had the twins?
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  4. I always felt, as Simon pointed out on last year's X Factor, that she is never credited enough for her writing, especially for alot of her more classic material.
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  5. Mariah is so amazing and I too prefer Urban Mariah to AC Mariah althogh I rate really highly her debut and Daydream. I also love her urban AND dance remixes! She needs to work with David Morales again because he's like her Freemasons!!. His My All/Say Something remixes are immense! And oh My All (Stay Awhile Remix) > My All!

    On a sidenote, I'm probably one of the very few people who think her diva/over-the-top personality endearing. I really love how crazy she is. She's like one of those rich, drunk women who marry for money and live fabulous lives.
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  6. Touch My Body. That's a guilty pleasure of mine. The video is definately amazing though.

    I love Mariah, she's probably my favourite artist of all time. Emancipation was such a huge return to form, it's still one of my most played albums to this day.

    I can't wait for her Tony Bennett duet and her new material. I hope she's written some cute songs about the twins and Nick.
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  7. "Touch My Body" is fantastic! But her latest album was "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel", which contains her best song ever, "Obsessed".
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  8. Oh my gosh guys her last album was Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel not E=MC2. Memoirs is actually my favourite Mariah album tied with Emancipation. I actually prefer urban Mariah which I suppose is quite an unpopular opinion.
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  9. I love Subtle Invitation so much. Oh and THAT note in Lead The Way is pure bliss.
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  10. Lead The Way is AMAZING. I hope some X Factor contestant sings it one day and makes it popular because the song is just so beautiful. That last note is probably the longest note she holds!
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  11. I love trying to sing along to that note. And nearly passing out.

    Her last few albums have some of the best titles ever. I love them.
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  12. By the way, it needs to be made clear.

    Oh Santa! > All I Want For Chirstmas Is You
  13. Mvnl

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    She was brilliant, but for me Loverboy was where it all started to go very wrong.
    She just became the skimpy dressed moaning back up dancer for a rapper in her own videos. We Belong Together, Can I Get Your Number & Oh Santa were great though.
  14. Both are amazing. Mariah is the Queen of original Christmas songs.

    I wonder what her voice will be like on the next album? Hopefully it's had a bit of a rest lately.
  15. I think this is one of my favorite Mariah performences ever (Stevie Wonder's You & I)

    She goes abit overboard with the melisma in places but I ADORE her lower register. She sounds abit like a man but I love how she can go so low and then high effortlessly. I hope she will utilise her lower register more on the album and less whispering.

    That's blasphemy! All I Want is like, the best song ever.

    And oh, favorite Fabulous Lipsynchriah moment

    I love how she cares more about looking hot tamale singing a song about heartbreak than hitting them notes!
  16. The original 'Pop Version' of Loverboy without any rappers is one of my favourite Mariah songs (I have said this quite a lot in the past if I remember...) 'I want a sugadadaaaay' is brilliant!
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Relistening it it actually is way more 'classic Mariah' than I remembered. Still, her acting like a scene from Pink's Stupid Girls didn't help. (I guess it was on purpose but it still felt awkward)

    I've always hated how they put the ODB mix of Fantasy on #1's. The original is one of my favourites, and that remix hardly contains any bits of the song.
  18. To be fair to her, she was probably a bit nuts when she shot the Loverboy video.

    Fantasy is one of her best songs. I've never heard the ODB version and I don't want to.
  19. I love Obsessed, and I think it is one of the most quotable songs ever created.
  20. It does have the second best 'Spoken word introduction' to any pop song ever, but the 'Windex' line is just too awful to fathom!
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