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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. She's just the best.
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    I think it was mentioned that Spotify didn't playlist it anywhere because it was an Apple Music exclusive for a week. But I feel you, I also didn't expect it to hit number one (that wasn't even within the realm of possibility) but it's a bummer that she wasn't able to notch a cute Top 10 (or even 20 or 40) placement with it.
  3. Oh Santa, will alas be forever un loved among the masses I think.
  4. Most 'new' Christmas songs start off with some fan-driven success and then build up popularity over time.

    Due to Mariah being the enduring (musical) figurehead of Christmas and Ariana's never-ending streaming stranglehold, I think Oh Santa could build and surpass it's chart peaks in the next few years..
  5. The lack of live shows is sad obviously, but it's doing great things for her vocals. The power!
  6. Mariah’s never ending slander of Someday is pretty hilarious.


  7. I mean it doesn’t mean much but it also is not the most perfect timing obvious.
  8. I'm looking forward to MC30 hopefully resuming later this month
  9. She sounds amazing obviously - but I don't know it's the lack of live shows, since a lot of her more impressive vocal performances in recent years have come later into her tour runs?

    I think it's more that social media posts allow her to avoid off-days since she can just... not record them if she's not feeling it. That and there's no worry of messing up so she truly goes for it.
  10. aaaand it probably wasn't her first take.
  11. Her hatered of Someday is forever amazing, iconic and yet heartbreaking somehow, all rolled into one.
  12. Charles Dance reading The Meaning Of is not something I realised I needed in my life.
  13. Somehow just snagged the Emancipation of Mimi vinyl from uDiscoverMusic with the "COMEBACK" promo code and their 30% off sale.... $14??!?!?!?!? YES PLEASE.
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  14. The mess continues ... apparently the UO release delivers clear vinyl instead of gold AND Mimi’s front cover text.... her NAME logo is printed off centered.... via @jcacollector on Instagram....

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  15. Her name being off center is a scream. UO throwing these releases together in a literal second.
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  16. This pic though.
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  17. It’s the same for the standard black and webstore clear editions, so it’s an error on Universal’s part, not UO’s.
  18. Rolling Stone has All I Want For Christmas Is You at 1.7M units in the US for 2020.
    Certified 8x platinum last month, so we can probably expect Diamond in 2021.

    The album, which also got an 8x Platinum certification last month, did 300k units.
    So, she should have at least one more Diamond album under her belt by the end of the decade.
  19. which is difficult to get, not everybody has that.gif
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