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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. It also sold the album for months, dyall think people were buying Butterfly for Butterfly?
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  2. Honey was that first school bus jam I ever experienced, the type of song that all the students would demand the driver turn up when it came on their radio as everyone got down in their seats & in the aisle, and all the cool kids knew every word, while this baby gay sat in his seat saying ‘Mariah who?’ What an introduction.
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  3. But seriously

    Dreamlover*, Fantasy, Honey, I Still Believe (Remix), Heartbreaker, Loverboy.

    That run of first singles Mariah invented Hip-Pop and she needs more credit for this.

    This was just crying out for a Hip-Hop mix with a rapper.
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  4. I do think Honey isn't as remembered by the GP as say Fantasy or Emotions though. It certainly doesn't get the respect it deserves (much like Mariah herself, or her discography as a whole, but that's another discussion).
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  5. If anything Emotions is the forgotten one.
  6. Maybe it’s a UK thing but I’d say Emotions is one of the better known ones? One of the few I hear often without having to seek out.
  7. 'Honey' being performed on Top Of The Pops is one of my earliest memories while being a Lamb.
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  8. I still can't believe people called Honey underperforming. OK Miss Motolla!
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  9. Emotions deserves to be a remembered classic, and it does seem to have gone through a renaissance the last couple of years in the UK (I think it's on rotation at Smooth which has helped).
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  10. Emotions is a classic. When people think of Mariah whistle notes that’s literally the song they think of.
  11. Jumping off the balcony and taking her dress off in the pool made me a lamb before she even started singing
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  12. I think Mariah's unquestionable (non Christmas) classics are (in no particular order):

    Vision of Love
    We Belong Together
    Always Be My Baby
    One Sweet Day
    Without You

    This may be blasphemy to an older generation, but at this point her version of Without You is the version, yes?
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  13. She rolled out Emotions on both of her last Christmas tours. If people forgot about it at least she keeps reminding them.
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  14. There's NO way Emotions is forgotten. Dreamlover is probably the one from the 90s that nobody really talks about.
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  15. Dreamlover is only well known in my social circles because I spam it and the club remixes at every function.
  16. I hear Dreamlover out and about pretty often.

    Thank God I Found You always strikes me a song that non-lambs would have a hard time remembering. Specifically from the 90's, I'd say the single that doesn't get much attention nowadays would be Make It Happen. Judging her songs popularity by Spotify isn't the most fair marker cuz I don't know that streaming has been the main source of music for Mimi's core audience until more recently, but Make It Happen is one of her lowest on there.

    Forgotten singles overall are easy - Boy, Bringing On the Heartbreak, Crybaby, Never Too Far, I Wanna Know What Love Is.
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  17. Despite however many weeks at number one, I do think “One Sweet Day” is pretty forgotten.
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  18. I'd say her universally known songs here in the UK are;

    I'll Be There (mainly because it's referred to as a Mariah song every time it's performed on a talent show)
    Without You
    Always Be My Baby
    We Belong Together
  19. Obsessed is definitely amongst her most well known. I would go as far to say it's her most well known apart from AIWFC for the younger generation
  20. I will never forget a young work colleague of mine thinking Obsessed was Mariah’s first song. I died inside and then went into education mode.
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