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Mariah Carey - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. She's on Twitter Spaces and confirmed she wants to press Glitter on vinyl and also host Rocky Horror style events for the film dd
  2. Oh no ‘wants to’ doesn’t fill me with confidence that it’s coming this year.
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  3. She mentioned that she has a lot of big things coming up, and not just holiday stuff, so I think she's preoccupied with that. She also just alluded to Rarities 2 and including "There For Me" on it.
  4. Does this refer to new music? I tuned it late.
  5. For a Glitter vinyl.

    These fans keep interrupting her when she's trying to spill.
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  6. Oh my. Mimi, give us it all!
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  7. Basically her by the end of the chat. She was exhausted.

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  8. Good to see she has lots of plans coming up.
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  9. I know it's short and it's for some movie but try to tell me this is not completely amazing. The song is so gorgeous it works in any context. One of the underappreciated 2021 moments.

    She sounds fanastic.
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  10. Neither have I!
  11. Glitter isn’t even awful, it’s just a bit middle of the road, if it had been an over the top camp mess ala Showgirls then I would stan.
  12. I know y'all are Glitter stans (and I do love the album) but

    is 100000x more exciting to me.

    And yes, why not both etc. etc. but The Rarities is a legitimately brilliant collection I would kill for another set.
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  13. The Rarities is just amazing.
  14. One of my most loved albums ever. The opening tracks are some of the strongest opening tracks in pop music. It’s such a wonderful album to listen to when you’re feeling anxious because while the soundscape is very easy listening, there’s an undercurrent of pain and coming of age that ties all of it together.

    Also, every time I randomly hear Honey played at an event, people start bopping, most of which probably have never heard of it before. This is one for the ages and I hope we get more retrospective acclaim for this masterpiece.

  15. Butterfly really was far from instant for me. I always loved Honey but outside of that it was one of those albums that just slowly crept up on me as I became more familiar with it. In the last couple years it's become my favourite album of all time.

    Listening now, it's brimming with genius. Like she'd only been using a drop of her best in the preceding years before just exploding all over this album. Given its genesis coinciding with more personal & artistic freedom, maybe that's not so far from the truth.
  16. “Babydoll” should’ve been a single.
  17. And Butterfly
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  18. Two of my all time favourite Mariah albums ever.
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