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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I want another album like Caution.

    I loved that album so much. It’s a staple in her discography for me for sure.

    The Distance, GTFO, A No No? The elusive chanteuse always win!
  2. Kind of annoying how much her stans downplay Caution because she said one vaguely negative thing about the recording process.

    It's a lean and brilliant album, and feels like such a fresh take on Mariah. Top 3 for sure.
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  3. I hope she keeps going down that sleek, moody road on the next one. I've said this before but she should really do a full album with Blood Orange. Or Kaytranada. Or, imagine, Kelela!
  4. Exactly, Caution remains excellent, and is easily a classic Mariah record I think.
  5. My only issues with Caution are with the campaign itself. I was grateful it was succinct, but having a buzz single before the main single kind of killed the buzz for With You a bit - they either should have settled on one, had With You come a bit later, or had the buzz single come after the lead. Obviously The Distance should have received full single status too. Also Runway should be on streaming services by now, it's been almost 3 years!!

    Still a bit fuming that it was 40-OUT in the UK charts.
  6. I got to meet Mariah during the "Caution" promo at her TRL appearance and album signing and she was truly glowing during that era and seemed to really enjoy the album. "The Distance" remains supreme and definitely deserved a single run, I don't know why they didn't.
  7. Emotions is 81 in today's mid weeks so vinyl sales must be good especially considering it was released last year on vinyl for MC30, time to get streaming let's help it stay in the chart this Friday
  8. What did she actually say?
  9. Something about her not liking it because she was rushed to finish or something.

    It still is fantastic. Always was, always will be.
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  10. Imagine being rushed to finish it and still handed an album that's a 15th (?) album in her discography and it's so fucking good?

    Your faves could nevah.
  11. I just need a moan. Why is the Patti and Mariah - Got to Be Real performance recording not available anywhere in the UK online outside of the dodgy live performance on Youtube. The album it's on, Live! One Night Only, seems to be banned here or something! It's even on MelOn in bloody Korea!
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    She talks about it at the 41-46 minute mark. But yes, tl;dr she felt a bit rushed with it and wanted to put a few more things on it, as opposed to Butterfly where she could go wherever to work on it and take her time.
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  13. I spent hours recently trying to trick Amazon Germany into letting me buy it on their online store, to no avail. I need it!
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  14. LPT


    I am howling

  15. The aggressively low quality of the video, the budget subtitles, the teleprompter being visible in the mirror - collect that coin with absolutely no effort!

  16. A GEM. I really need this on streaming like the other regional bonus tracks recently or on The Rarities 2, whichever comes first.
  17. It’s taken like 9 years, but Butterfly has finally clicked with me as an album and is now in my Mariah top 3, along with Daydream and Emotions. Let’s hope Charmbracelet can do something similar soon!
  18. so it begins…

  19. Does this mean that the MC30 releases are starting again?
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