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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. The promo mix of 'Miss You Most' has got to be coming to streaming soon then? Christmas miracle!
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  2. I’ve never heard any of the Joy remixes so this is exciting!
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  3. So pleased to heat about this EP, love Joy To The World, the 25th anniversary release of Merry Christmas could have had much more of these on it I think.
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  4. So in preparation of Mariah's Christmas albums taking as my life soundtrack in a few days, I made a cover for Merry Christmas using the All I Want For Christmas Is You cover image.

    Screenshot 2021-10-22 at 21.57.10.png
  5. Thanks for putting this on streaming but let us know what happened to #MC30 really.

    Also with her having 15 projects from Christmas to that rock album I think it's time for any kind of official announcement now really. Although I am not seeing her putting out a new album in 2021 anymore. Get that early 2022 coin Queen.

    Also my Mariah experts. Was the Celebration version of Joy a single or just a random remix?
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  6. It was released as a promo in 94 and then as as a single* the following Christmas in 1995 to further promote the album. But both the original and remix were released the same time.

    *in Australia
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  7. Thank you. It's just that my best friend and I did an official Mariah rating and sometimes it's a struggle to decide what needs to be in that definite list but I tend to include all remixes with new vocals and stuff while he is more a 'it had to be an album track or promo single at least' approach. But even with that POV I will be able to force this into our personal canon.
  8. it has its own video it totally counts!
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  9. Somehow passed me by when I made the original list of everything that needs to be rated. So good day today I always get so excited when we have new songs to put in our silly lists.
  10. For years, I've been obsessed with this adlib for 'joooOOOYYYY' - such a Mariahism.

    And again, live.

    Still mad the whole performance of the remix is not available.

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  11. 19CC46E0-E542-403A-945E-C1A674EAE831.jpeg

    Queen of Halloween
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  12. I'm going to need her to do a whole album of songs like Meteorite and You Don't Know What To Do, two of her very best bops. Me I Am Mariah is very patchy but it houses some really special tracks.
  13. I agree about Me I Am being patchy, never understood the praise for it at all. The albums either side of it are far superior.
  14. I mean wow. Legend behavior. Babe has never swung a bat in her life.

    Also, did 11/5 flash on there? Hmm?
  15. She came. She saw. She smashed.

    Can’t wait to see what she offers this year. I don’t expect too much but a vinyl of the Apple special and her version of Where Are You Christmas really should happen please.
  16. "Fall In Love at Christmas" has a hashtag emoji - new song title?

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