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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Wish the Mariah Menu full stop, just wasn't a US thing.
  2. I need that shirt and hat. NEED.
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  3. That t-shirt is genius. WANT!
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  4. Ok but McDonalds has 14k locations in the US, so I need to somehow figure out which locations in my area will have them. Maybe I can borrow some phones to order from each one.

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  5. Poor west coasters.
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  6. I feel like the t-shirts/hats won’t be available in the stores with the muffins, but by ordering through the app they’d sent it out to your address in the new year?
  7. Yeah, logistically I can't fathom how they'd know how much to stock at any given location and in what sizes.
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  8. The way I adore McDonald’s and need that t-shirt, but would never consume an Egg McMuffin and will rightly throw it in the trash.
  9. Between this, the Mariah ornaments, Black Irish and her cookies I really wish I'd live in the US this month.
  10. Yes, not one of their best offerings shall we say.
  11. Literally all artists must wish they had an 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' in their catalog. It's such a timeless Christmas gem, I can't help but feel happy when it's playing.

    * I was feeling shitty yesterday and it came on while I was food shopping and cheered me up.
  12. I was wondering if if the Mariah Carey super fans in this thread could help me out here. Does anybody know the nitty-gritty details of who wrote what exactly for all I want for Christmas is you? I understand that Mariah has written a lot of her number one hits, but she’s listed as a co-writer here and I’m just wondering how much of this song did she write and if anybody knows the story with that?
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  13. Mariah actually emerged from the sea in 1994 with the melody and lyrics already written.
  14. Can truly never ever tire of this anthem. We were so not worthy.
  15. From what Mariah and Walter have said, Mariah came to him with the idea and the chords which they worked out together on piano like they did with most of her songs. Then she came up with the lyrics and melody and I think he said he wrote the bridge while the intro was her idea. This is what I remember hearing over the years.

    Although Walter gave an interview a couple of years ago where he said Mariah doesn't give him enough credit for All I Want... without saying specifically what he meant though.
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  16. Mariah has made little jabs at Walter in recent years implying she was being generous giving him a 50% cut of the credits (I'm sure she did this on her most Caution era WWHL appearance?) and told this story about having part of the song in her head for years.

    Given that they were good friends when they wrote the song and that Walter hasn't written anything of note since they stopped working together, I can believe she was being nice with the 50/50 split. And prior to this he made several catty comments about her, he deserves the shade either way.
  17. It was probably a pity credit or a miscalculation / a Mariah moment of careless generosity (something that happens when albums are created, especially back in the 90s when artists made money from the actual CDs sold and not via publishing, and this being a cute side project at first) and it should've been more of a 20% cut but Mariah didn't know what the song was going to become. So of course she feels some kind of way after it became THE song.
  18. Oh Mariah… how can anyone not like her!

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