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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. People make jokes about Mariah season being over when there is Fantasy. A song for all seasons, a song all those other girls trying won't ever be able to do.
  2. Ok but I love this idea. Big Energy is a huge bop, and a Mariah remix would be truly iconic (and it would definitely give her her biggest non-Christmas hit in a while).
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  3. Yeah Big Energy is exploding right now.
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  4. She is so aware of what's happening. If she does not at least try to jump on this...
  5. I... do not want Mariah's 20th #1 to be on a Dr. L*ke production. She deserves it but not like that!!
  6. Also true. But if it happens at least we can all just focus on an iconic sample and song. he didn't do shit to make this work in the end. Which, also true, does make it even more annoying.
  7. There's already loads of mashups - they might as well make one of them official.

  8. Them stopping #MC30 somehow annoys me less than the fact they skipped Glitter on vinyl. That is the one album I really really want on wax. I went on a deep dive the last few days again with it and I have to say all four ballads are actually great. They are tad samey but still strong enough on their own. Glitter was my first Mariah album and will always remain one of my favourites.
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  9. Agreed, Glitter on vinyl with remastered videos on Youtube and the single EPs on streaming platforms was at the very top of my want list. I was so excited waiting for its era to come, so when it came time for Glitters week and time to shine, we got Charmbracelet instead, it became clear we weren't getting this, my heart sank.
    But I'm still so so glad we got everything else and especially the rest of her studio albums on vinyl, also the Rarities album sits very proudly in my Kallax.
  10. She is finally releasing a new... book for children. Insert @Vasilios Robyn pictures here.

  11. I SO want Glitter on vinyl and all the various single remixes on streaming/digital. It's totally long overdue. Glitter 21 perhaps? Yes, one can dream.
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  12. Sorry to derail but I have been laughing at this for the past 5 minutes

    His videos are hilarious
  13. New profile picture on Facebook so I hope this is a sign of something happening. Plus a new banner with some of her greatest successes.
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  14. Sounds quite positive, let's hope so indeed an new MC era is on the way!
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  15. LPT


    Is the profile picture from the Infinity era?
  16. Would fit with the best of picture but why.
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  17. The banner has me hoping she's re-starting #MC30.
    It's from a 2021 promo shoot for Black Irish.
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  18. Ultra rare live outing for Someday? Thank goodness for YouTube.
  19. This is going viral again, as it should
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  20. Even as a huge fan, I forget how brilliant she is at all the non-showy stuff. Obviously she belts brilliantly, and her runs are incomparable, but it’s actually the simple, controlled storytelling like she does in the verses on that video that make her the best. There will never be another Mariah.
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