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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Actually, I don’t think so. Neither have the kind of fan base required for that sort of first week peak. And they wouldn’t be releasing on a Monday if that were the goal.

    The song is rising at it is, I guess the hope will be this gives it the push to really go huge. You’d think radio would be a big factor, so it might take a little while.
  2. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    This has been climbing for weeks and the way billboard charts move at a snails pace this bodes well for the remix really launching it up. If it doesn’t make #1, although the original alone is deserving to get there, this will absolutely be a top 10 for Mariah.

    Not to mention the charts are a lil weak at the moment so … let’s form a prayer circle lambs!
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    featuring DJ KHALED

  4. Wait I’m hearing DJ Khalid did the mix maybe specifically to oust Luke? That works for me.
  5. I will not be listening to a rapist and hugely disappointed with this, I’m hoping that he doesn’t get a credit on this remix otherwise it’s a huge no from me, gross.
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  6. I wonder if CD singles could help.
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  7. Wow. I can't wait for this-she is looking great too!
  8. Is this #1 talk feasible? Genuinely asking. I still remember “Oh Santa!” chat looking similar although it’s a different scenario I know!
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  9. I’ve absolutely no idea because the billboard charts have always been a complicated mess to me - but it’s still an exciting thought. And regardless of whether it goes to #1 or not I’m just so thrilled that Mariah is stepping back into music, it’s been too long since Caution. Hopefully this is the start of a Mariah packed year.
  10. Yes, hope 2022 will bring lots of new Mimi music-and not just Christmas related either.
  11. The way I spoke this into existence.. phew my power!
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  12. Mariah’s mind if that’s the case. Explains why Latto said it’s basically a new song now and not just Mariah showing up to throw a verse over the original.

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  13. I'm so super excited for this now. The Mariah touch/magic will strike again am sure.
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  14. The fact that I’m the only one who sees a problem here… why are can people overlook listening to a rapist? In 2022? I guess if it’s a bop right. Disappointed in Mariah, trying to get a cheap number one is something but this is just tacky, I hope I’m wrong and he isn’t involved but won’t be listening to a rapist.
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  15. Whether Luke is involved or not, he's still have a writing credit. Admittedly given there are 10 others credited on the original and the fact that streaming revenues are crap anyway, it probably doesn't amount to much in the way of coin, but nonetheless.

    There already is a Mariah track built on a Genius Of Love sample and it remains a fucking bop 27 years after its release; I don't really see any need to do mental gymnastics and ignore the elephant (rapist) in the room for the privilege of listening to this one.
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  16. How about you wait and see what happens with the credits / production instead of bashing Mariah?

    I don’t want to support Dr Luke in any way but we literally don’t know anything about it aside from Mariah is on it and it looks to have been reproduced by Khalid.
  17. Happy anniversary Queen.

    Also timing could not be better.

  18. Happy 17th anniversary, mom!

  19. Ageless Anniversary Queen!
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  20. Not looking a day over 17 Queen! Happy Birthday Anniversary!
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