Mariah Carey - General Discussion

I keep watching back the Latto performance from the BET awards and it seems like after Mariah initially comes out she sings 'where you at?' as Latto wasn't there rapping her bits (like, where did she go?) and then once she does arrive Mariah gestures to Latto like 'come on, sing your bit' and then the performance comes to an end. Weird but alas. Mariah still sounded amazing.
I don't know much about all of this but thought I'd share. Mariah's brother is using Dr. Luke's win in Kesha's lawsuit in his own battle against his sister.

Are Zavvi reliable for Funkos? I preordered with Pop In A Box but they've been really bad in recent times, I usually end up cancelling my order and buying from ebay cos of how long they keep you waiting and no one can ever give you an update

I'd just get it from the Funko UK store once it's in stock. It's a common pop so it'll be everywhere.

Honey is 25 today! Think it's my second favourite of hers after The Roof, though it's the first 'old' Mariah song I really fell in love with so it always holds a special place in my heart. Words can't even begin to describe how amazing it is. The sample usage, the lyrics, the video! Stars aligned, this was her rebirth.

I'm praying we get something, anything, for Butterfly 25. A live session, a new mix, even just another outtake from the cover shoot.