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I really hope Mariah's team are looking for ways they can assist with 'It's A Wrap' resurgence because in this day and age when a song can become a hit regardless of when it was released 'It's A Wrap' has so much potential especially the speed at which it's growing on both streaming and social media.

It's promising that today it's been added to a big R&B playlist on Spotify but give us a lyric video, get Mariah to film some more TikTok videos or at least start sharing some of the viral ones on Mariah's socials
So, I was at my second-hand record shop, and I purchased the CD version of Glitter.
Was this ever released as a 2CD set? From what I can see on the CD's, there is no difference between the both. And checking on Discogs, I can't even see a version that was released with 2 CD's. The catalogue numbers match with the ones that I'd imagine would be the singular album?

I mean, it could be a chance that a previous owner had changed the case and put two copies of the same album in there, but I'm interested if anyone had any information??
These cute viral moments, even if they don’t result in a huge smash, will at least give Mimi a license to switch up her song choices and include something different in her usual grab-and-go set list. I think this is a guarantee for her summer shows.
Exactly exactly. As well as cementing her legacy as an artist, which she’s clearly keen to promote lately
Memoirs is such an underrated era. Intimate and subtle, with a real nocturnal feel.

Overall, yeah, but “Obsessed” and “It’s A Wrap” are very in-your-face, so I’m not surprised they’re the tracks clicking with the youth. Locals of all ages ask for the check the minute she reverts to “subtle” vocal stylings.