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Mariah Carey General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. You're Just A Player; That's Not My Format.
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  2. Prisoner, this is my Mariah go to jam, always!
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  3. She's so lovely isn't she?!
  4. I live for your stanning of Prisoner, haha.
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  5. This version of Right To Dream is rather gorge.

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  6. um

    No guitar, no right to dream.
  7. Oh I prefer the original ofc, but I like this too.
  8. Thanks, shall check this out!
  9. Someone on Pulse Music Board, desperate for attention, is presumed to be me or something and alleging that there’s “tea” on some blackmail shit. It’s not me. I only post here. I’m not interested in radio updates and untethered trolling. I have one username. My mom was bipolar (talked about in the mental health thread when a poster was feeling down). Mariah’s diagnosis and candor made me respect her more. I have no idea now, nor have I ever known, what’s going on in her personal life. If
    anyone here with an active account there can relay this message, I would be grateful (@Vasilios ?).
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  10. Stella is attempting to sue Mariah. This isn’t very surprising, but still.... trash.

  11. Stella is just horrible. Shame Mariah still has to deal with this.
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  12. Link me to the offending article sis.
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  13. [​IMG]

    The ONLY viable memoir title.
  14. 10 years since E=MC2
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  15. [​IMG]

    This look + Touch My Body, Migrate, I Stay in Love with You - made me punch my stan card.
  16. E=MC2 is still so great. Touch My Body, Migrate, Side Effects, I Stay In Love, I’ll Be Loving You Long Time, I’m That Chick, O.O.C., I Wish You Well, Heat and 4real 4real.

    An album.
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  17. Stop singing my part now baby!
  18. E=MC2 always feel lesser in my head as a whole but individually some of the tracks there are top tier.

    Side Effects is deceptively hard hitting.
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