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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. E=MC2 is just such a FUN album. Easily in my Mariah top 5.
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  2. Yeah it's essentially part 2 to Mimi but still very good.
  3. I disagree with the idea of it as Emancipation Part 2; Mariah's description of it as 'the dessert to Emancipation's Dinner' seems more accurate.
  4. My favorite album track from E=MC2 besides Migrate and Side Effects.

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  5. I full-on stan MC but E=MC2 is subpar, it’s a blemish on an otherwise fantastic disography. Touch My Body is iconic but her vocal delivery is frustratingly nonplussed and the production is sparse, next to her other 00’s lead singles it’s just a bit, boring?

    I’ll Be Lovin’ You Long Time and I Wish You Well are the best things on the album, the cover is also incredible. I don’t really consider it a Mariah album at all, there’s something missing from her.

    Memoirs, now there is a proper Mariah Carey album.
  6. Whoever is posting shit--super2018--pretending to be me is not me. Sorry for belaboring the point, but this is the only music forum I post on, and someone who posts on that form who I kept in touch with from years and years ago sent me a message about it. I reached out to one of the moderators on that form, didn't hear back, and left a message with ProBoards today. I also bought a subscription for DeleteMe (no joke), lol.

    I have no idea what's going on with this blackmail/lawsuit drama. If ever relay anything I learned from work or work friends or people in L.A., it's music-related. I don't do litigation, I do transactional work.

    Also, Mariah is my fav.
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  7. I haven't listened to much of E=MC2 for a long time must admit. Must change that!
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  8. E=MC2 is my favorite album of hers. Wall to wall bops and probably the most single options she ever had sitting on one album. Maybe it doesn't feel like a proper "album experience" like Butterfly or Memoirs does, but its Mimi at her most fun. Migrate and Cruise Control are my most played non singles from any Mariah album.
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  9. I pretty much agree.
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  10. I agree there were many choices on that album for singles. Not sure why it wasn't really wrung dry as much as it should have been.
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  11. I do like all the single choices though must admit.
  12. Yes yes yes. It's the evolution of Mimi but poppier, glossier and on hyperdrive. Along with Elusive Chanteuse, it's my fave post 2000s Mariah album. Mimi is too retro and Memoirs is just too samey.
  13. The release of Bye Bye as a single - the greatest misstep in Mimi’s career - effectively killed the entire campaign. They could’ve easily released Migrate, I Be Lovin’ U Long Time, and even Side Effects had they not desired to put out that inferior One Sweet Day rehash.
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  14. So it seems now that Stella is suing her for sexual harassment, as in she paraded around naked in front of her...
  15. Woman who gives interviews with journalists in her lingerie was naked in front of her manager? We're all shocked. This reeks of opportunism and cashing in on the current climate. She's also giving Mariah the "opportunity to make things right, i.e pay her, before she files the suit" which sounds a lot like blackmail, no?
  16. Thank God the Days of Stella are over.
  17. She’s asking for a check. A judge would summarily dismiss any and all of those claims.
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  18. Should have been a single.
  19. It's sad everybody looking in from afar could see how wrong Stella and her family were for Mariah but she put her trust in them.
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  20. I'm not sure that skipping straight to I'll Be Loving U Long Time would have made that song any more of a hit, though.

    The failure to release Migrate as the second single was definitely a mistake. The song was popular enough that it charted at #92 without a single release based almost entirely on buzz. Why didn't she just capitalise on it? Xtina basically did that with Candyman the year before and, even though she didn't get an amazing chart peak out of it, the single went platinum (which isn't bad for a third single).
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