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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Oh no, Lovin’ U Long Time is definite 3rd single material, but they really dropped the ball by releasing such a dire track as single 2. Migrate would for sure have fared much better.
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  2. The stories Stella has obviously been leaking to the press are ridiculous. Can Mariah end her already?
  3. With one song no doubt.
  4. I think some of the reaction to Bye Bye is hindsight 20/20. Its not the best song on the album by any stretch but when it was first released everyone in the media kept saying it would likely be her 19th #1. The fact that it fizzled out so fast was a bit surprising. She also didn't do much for it besides an Idol performance, did she? Either way, yes Migrate should've been the 2nd single - something she herself has acknowledged- but I can totally see why a board room of people thought Bye Bye was a no brainer.
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  5. Agreed 100%. During the Touch My Body roll-out she was still on top of the world, riding high with radio and the kids. Bye Bye is such a shit song it single-handedly destroyed all momentum. Migrate would have been massive for her -- everything T-Pain touched turned to gold in 2008 and people were ready for a club anthem from her, not a One Sweet Day rehash callout to grandmothers.

    I'm still convinced she switched from Migrate last second because of that one nasty interaction with Perez Hilton. He said he didn't like the song and she clapped back saying it wasn't necessarily the second single. We all know how sensitive and dependent upon public opinion she is -- I'm convinced it was meant to be but then she got nervous and went to Bye Bye thinking it would be a safer choice instead. Instead it basically killed her relevancy.
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  6. Migrate is a total and utter tune!
  7. It was her “Family Affair.”

    As we proceed getting buzzed
    The envious ones
    But they can’t take they eyes off us

    (N)nn. Who else? Incredible.
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  8. Say what you want but Mariah really is a fantastic lyricist.
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  9. Absolutely and should get much more credit in that respect than she actually does .
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  10. I'm kinda gutted I sold my 'Underneath The Stars' CD, I suspect the value will keep growing. At the minute it's £270 on eBay.
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  11. I just realised Mariah has only released 1 album this decade. C’mon girl find the note and get another album out.
  12. Are you forgetting Merry Christmas 2 You? Featuring iconic holiday hit Oh Santa?
  13. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Putting a new album out would be a much better way of making coin than everything else she's been doing instead. Her voice seems like it's shot though.
  14. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life is such a gem and I don't even like the original song. Even though Glitter gets its flack for the abundance of rappers, they really did something with this ass-shaker of a song
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  15. 'I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time' adopts a weird space in her discography for me, whereby I rarely think about it to the point where I'm sort of rocked by how robust it is. Fabulous melodies throughout and a style she really excels at coming together to make a real late career highlight for me.
  16. What an album it was though!
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  17. I'm so ready for the new era, she looks phenomenal


    She's been working with the producer 'Poo Bear' (Justin's 'Purpose' album etc) and is apparently 8-9 tracks in, though these could be demos I don't think the album is far away.
  18. Can anyone tell me whether I'm going mad, or do all versions of "Dreamlover" have loads of weird popping sounds, when the beat gets going?

    At first I thought it was just a dodgy MP3, but then I tried some others, and thought OK maybe it's just my sub woofer, but I can still hear it on my Essential Mariah Carey CD on my hi-fi, and on the YouTube of the music video.
  19. Yes I've noticed this for ages. It's a clicking sound. Don't think there's a version without it.
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