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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. YES! It took a while to hit me, but like Ike did Tina, it finally hit me.
  2. IotV

    IotV Guest

    Well, it's quite simple, there's no one better than her (for the first six years). She had(/has, she's still amazingly proficient now) an incredible control of her voice, something I've never seen matched.

    I won't bore you all with notes (C6!), but just listen to O Holy Night - she demonstrates why she's the best ever in it.
  3. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Guest

    I read Mariah Carey can make sounds only dolphins are supposed to be able to make.
  4. You speak TRUTH! (Though I do love Angels Cry & Memoirs is my 3rd favorite album behind Butterfly and Daydream...)

    Memoirs was my soundtrack of Fall 2009 with Rated R... *sigh* Wonderful times...

    And anyone who speaks ill of Candy Bling loses all my respect. That song is, like, chill-out heaven.

  5. Also.

    I remember being totally turned off by her when she came out with Touch My Body after Emancipation. Then E=MC2 came out and I thought it was terrible. She gained my respect again with Memoirs.

    THEN and only THEN did I start to appreciate E=MC2 and now I can't stop listening. I heard I'll Be Loving U Long Time on Radio 2 the other day and begrudgingly listened to it (as I've always hated the track and listened to it, like, twice)...

    ...when all of a sudden she hits those long, high notes at the end of the song or whatever you want to call it. Swoooon. Since then I've had the whole album on repeat. It's such a gem (in my eyes).

    Cruise Control, I Stay In Love, Love Story, Lovin' U Long Time, Thanx 4 Nothin'(!!!!!!!!!!), For The Record(!!!!!!) - all flawless. I could gladly leave off Bye Bye and I Wish You Well, but hey, I don't need perfection (I suppose).
  6. 2009 was such a good year for R&B. The fact that Memoirs was only the fourth best R&B album of that year just speaks to the year's ludicrous strength.

    And her TEOM, E=MC2, Memoirs run easily destroys her 90s stuff. She's so much better now even if her voice has significantly declined.
  7. I just listened to Rainbow for the first time... what a CHEAP sounding album! It reminds me of Jamelia's first album or Victoria Beckhams. Really like Crybaby though.
  8. agree
    after the Uber amazingness of Butterfly..Rainbow was like....what??
    Enter Huge Tits and sausage in stilleto's Mariah.
    Glitter was amazing and the Charm-bracelet was shocking...I truly never thought I'd hear something that bad come from her.
  9. Yeah 'Charmbraclet' is easily her worst album.
    I always thought 'Butterfly' was her best but had a lil listen to 'Daydream' a few weeks ago and i've literally had it on repeat. it's amazing!
  10. Love Story is amazing, I'll never understand why she released I Stay In Love over it.
  11. Bliss remains one of my all time fave MC songs! Its sooo beautiful. And I agree that TEOM onwards are my fave albums. But I think that has to do with me not growing up with her earlier music and I became a stan in 2005. But its obviously clear that her legacy will be lived on through her early stuff rather than the more recent stuff.
  12. Rainbow is trash bar Heartbreaker, Crybaby, Petals and Bliss. I love the interludes though.

    And Charmbracelet is her second worst album.

    Glitter is fucking amazing except for If We. Actually, She should have put Heartbreaker and Crybaby to replace If We. Rainbow should have never existed. That album is a disgrace.
  13. Charmbracelet and Rainbow are without a doubt her worst two albums.

    I only like half the Rainbow album (not counting interludes) --> How Much/After Tonight/X Girlfriend/Against All Odds/Did I Do That? = mess. Thank God I Found You is kind of spoilt by 98 Degrees as well but whatever.

    As for Charmbracelet? I find it hard to pick a song that I genuinely like off that album. Lullaby's my favorite, if that helps. Clown's okay, and I used to like Irresistible but I think I may find it embarrassing now. Yeah, haven't listened to that one in years and none of it's on my iPod. Might have to revisit it though I'm sure it reeks of that dated, early 2000's sound.

    Glitter is a lot better than given credit for. Sure, If We is garbage, but everything else is pretty solid.

    I hope her next album can be thrown in with Butterfly, Daydream and Memoirs. My top Mariah trilogy!
  14. The problem I have with Charmbracelet is the singing.

    The half spoken, whispering, wimpering, scream "singing" which sounds hollow, really ruins the album.

    The production is great, the lyrics are among her very best & Lullaby is a complete tune, but her half arsed approach to singing them is just laughable.

    Rainbow is a complete disaster, apart from about four songs. It seemed like she was too busy getting her new tits out, instead of making great music, plus this album was the start of her half arsed approach at singing. I can never play it in full, at least even Mariah admits the album was a mistake.

    I don't think she will ever top the masterpiece of Music Box, though she came pretty close with Butterfly.
  15. For me, early Mariah's best album is easily Daydream. I just love the feel of that album, and it has Always Be My Baby. Very few songs an get me emotionally as that is not what I listen to music for, but Always Be My Baby just makes me feel.
  16. Brilliant song, but I personally prefer the David Morales mix to the standard version.
  17. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Mariah's best album far and away is #1s.
  18. Compilations don't count. That's someone compiling all the hits someone has had rather than sit there and work out what songs could be hits.
  19. I do agree about the vocals on Charmbracelet severely bringing the album down. I can't even get through listening to it just because of the astonishingly excessive use of 'whispering'. Lullaby is class though! It's pretty much the sequel of The Roof.

    And oh, I think Music Box (the song) is one of my favorite Mariah tracks ever. It's such a perfect wedding song and it gets me teary eyed sometimes when listening to it.
  20. I've always like Mariah, but I've never heard anything of her's except her singles... Has she released a compilation of her Pop/R&B singles at all? I looked on Wikipedia but never found one...
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