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Mariah Carey General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Tony Bennett When Do The Bells Ring For Me
    Rick Ross Can't Say No
    Trey Lorenz Make You Happy
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  2. Thank you all!
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  3. There's a version of "Still Believe/Pure Imagination" on one of Krayzie Bone's albums that cuts out Da Brat's verse, and has more Krayzie Bone.

    Here it is:
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  4. Screenshot_2019-07-14-12-40-29.png one of my faves. Prelude to memoirs
  5. In my opinion, one of her best songs. I can't believe they relegated it to a b-side
  6. Total truth! An absolute masterpiece of the song.
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  7. Ageless queen cant relate!
  8. Memoirs really excels at hitting at the most random times in my life.

    Her creative juices were really flowing on a lot of material, like wow @ Ribbon/HATEU/It's A Wrap/Languishing/Up Out My Face
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  9. I have forgotten all about this song. Thank you for knocking it back into my life. I LOVE this song!
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  10. I love Mariah's collaborations, you can tell she really does enjoy working with other artists too.
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  11. Yup and in this interview she shows how passionate she is when shes working with producers but also doesn't want to "sell out" and make trendy music. This is why I have so much love and respect for Mariah. She's hands on with everything and her music was and is and always will be true to her art and music. People will try to downplay her success and talent (mainly jlo and madonna fans) but you cant change whats the truth and the truth is Mariah is hands on with everything and to discredit her integrity is just ignorant because MANY respected people in the music industry have all talked about how she is a woman of her craft and if she doesn't like the way something sounds she will give her input.

  12. Perfect post!
  13. It's Adele's rumoured drop that has me worried!
    Can they please just get her to hop on a remix if they need the points - it deserves the #1.
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  14. I hope they do have a back up plan then if so!
  15. I have this album on CD (it was bloody expensive back in the day).

    Not a great album but the I Still Believe remix remains everything...
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  16. Queen of being unbothered and rejecting an unnecessary remix for OTR

  17. I'm so here for the Obsessed revival, we just need Mariah to recreate the routine and start the Obsessed challenge

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