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Mariah Carey - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Don't tempt fate.
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  2. The advert is superb
  3. Just beautiful.
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  4. Glad she's coming through with the video footage!
    One a week (ish, not sure how that works in terms of how many there are/how many weeks until Christmas) would be nice, leading to All I Want For Christmas Is You in its main tracking week.
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  5. I just love how much she is celebrating this 25th anniversary. Can feel her passion for it coming through.
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  6. Once we get this to #1, can we agree that our next objectives are:

    1. Install 'Oh, Santa!' as a seasonal staple
    2. Bust into Tommy's vault and release Mariah's version of 'Where are you Christmas'?
  7. Oh absolutely this.
  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Oh Santa is honestly fantastic. The fact that it's been completely overshadowed and gets next to no airplay during the holidays is a crime.

    @The GP She's good for more than one Christmas bop you uncultured swines!
  9. Oh Santa, is an absolute festive bop. It needs to be celebrated and loved far more.
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  10. The physical package is so lovely, darlings! It had been a long time since I bought a CD to be honest and I probably need to do that more often since the cute shop assistant was very flirty. I’m just already in a festive mood.
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  11. Has anyone ever did a Mariah meet and greet?

    My boyfriend is considering it for Vegas in February, the last date of butterfly returns. It’s £971 as an add on, and someone told him that “the going average is 36 seconds” haha.

    Anyone know if it’s worthwhile? He’s a really, really big fan.
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  12. My one thing to say would be that when she tours, the meet & greets are cheaper (around £600 and that will include a front row seat) - though she didn't do them for the Caution tour.

    They're always short from the sounds of things, but she's sweet and if he's a die hard I'm sure he would enjoy it, just maybe not for that much.
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  13. Thanks! Yeh that doesn’t even include a ticket to the show, it’s an add on. Our seats were already $250 each. I have a feeling he’ll just do it.
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  14. Even 1 second with Mariah is 1 second with Mariah.
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  15. After she gets the number one we need a remix.

  16. 36 seconds doesn't sound a lot but when you consider how many people she has to meet. But also, 36 seconds is enough for a flawless picture and to tell her that Fantasy is her best song.
  17. I stan her dearly, but I wouldn't even consider spending a grand for a meet and greet.

    For anyone.
  18. Same here. Just could never alas justify it.
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  19. Queen of selfies, wow.

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