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Mariah Carey - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. She is perfect, or rather...

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  2. Ok y’all disrespectful

    I’d start a Ponzi scheme just for Mariah to tell me I’m a worthless morsel of trash.
  3. Flop:
  4. What an amazing ballad forever this will be:
  5. But wow, what a moment. A moment I will never forget
  6. OK but can she start doing that choreo for live performances?

    I would love if she had a little section in pants and more sensible shoes to give her more movement.
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  7. Can someone explain what TIK TOK is and why Mariah keeps getting challenges based on her songs?
  8. it’s a vine adjacent website that like vine is mostly shit but sometimes art happens.

  9. It's like Vine but a key component of it is lip-syncing which means there's always a bunch of song-based challenges going 'viral' on there.

    At one point a Fantasia album track, from one of her lesser known albums, was huge on there.
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  10. It really is. If only it weren't attached to such an unfortunate film.
  11. I’ll die
  12. Amazing. In the words of your own song Mimi, Make It Happen.
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  13. The fact that Obsessed's streams exploded after people started parodying it means that I am here for the tweens taking on any and every Mariah track for their tik tok tomfoolery.
  14. Her eternal relevance. Each generation shall bow down. The emancipation of zygotes.
  15. I've been listening to E=MC2 today, one of my favourite Mariah albums with gems such as Migrate, I Stay in Love, Love Story, Cruise Control, I'll Be Lovin U Long Time and Bye Bye.
  16. It’s one of the few albums I like of hers post Butterfly.
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  17. Don't forget the amazing Last Kiss and Mirage.
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  18. I'm kind of confused as to why its so difficult to get Glitter on streaming. I assume because its her lone Virgin record, but I would assume they would want the coin too.

    To be honest I always assumed it stayed off just because the sight of it on her artist page would be a trigger for her.

    I love that she finally embraces the G word though.
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